View Full Version : how to remove clutch hub nut?

14th April 2005, 00:06
76 sporty. I broke the damned kicker shaft, so I have to pull the clutch hub to get to it. My problem is that I can't get the dang clutch hub nut loose. It is a 1.5" nut, but I can't torque on it enough without the rear wheel spining. I thought about putting a wrench on the drive sprocket nut to compinsate, but allas my arms are too short to hold one side and pull the other.

My Clymer says to use a special tool called the grabber, kinda like a vise grip. Can't find one in any local tool store (very limited selection here). I tried some 90* needle nose pliers, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions?

14th April 2005, 00:30
Motion Pro makes a clutch holding tool. I think it is what you are describing. It's what I used for clutch hubs and countershaft pulleys.


The tool is also sold through JC Whitney. The SKU number is: ZX063598U It's $27.99.


14th April 2005, 00:36
yeah that is the funky tool. What is the backyard mechanic way of doing it? I know that there has to be some way. Also, my first approach of holding the drive sprocket nut failed, it just loosened the drive sprocket nut...


14th April 2005, 00:57
Impact wrench...?

14th April 2005, 01:04
don't have an impact...
Looked into the tool, seems to fit the bill. I just can't see buying a $30+ tool just for this....

14th April 2005, 01:31
I used a 2 x 4. Just a hunk small enough to fit in between the runs of primary chain and wedge in there.

14th April 2005, 03:03
dwardy, you are thinking of the front sprocket. I am talking about the nut inside the clutch hub itself.

14th April 2005, 03:14
Just did this on my evo sporty...

Have a friend hold the rear brake tight, then use a breaker bar and socket, install the same way, worked for me...

Thats my backyard approach, good luck.

14th April 2005, 03:54
dwardy, you are thinking of the front sprocket. I am talking about the nut inside the clutch hub itself.



15th April 2005, 17:11
pilot, I tried your idea, but it didn't work for me. I have mechanical rear brakes, and even though the shoes and drum are new, They still won't hold back that kind of force. I am about to give up here. I have to get this damn thing off to get to the kick shaft.... Any more ideas???

15th April 2005, 17:28
Try putting the bike in top gear using your rear brake method, the amount of torque it sends to the real wheel is reduced and that will in turnmake the rear brake more effective.

15th April 2005, 17:55
I hate to repeat it, but you should look into borrowing an electric or phenmatic impact. That should knock the nut right off when you hold the rear tire.

If you want to get wild, hit the nut with a propane torch and warm it up. That might loosen it up just enough.

15th April 2005, 18:11
Have you tried heating it?

15th April 2005, 19:03
You shouldn't need to heat it.High gear with the brake on should do it.An impact wrench will do it most of the time.
It's been a while so I'd have to look in the book but isn't that puppy left hand thread? I've seen people fight those turning the wrong way before lol. :rolleyes:
It's been so long since I worked on one I need to get out the maunal and do some reading. :D

Jason's Sporty
17th April 2005, 23:51
I have had good results on my 86 with a 2x4 cut to like 4 inches weged into between the clutch and engine sprockets to hold everything while torquing it down. just had my wife hold the rear brake as hard as she could.