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15th April 2005, 08:48
Hello ,
i discover how i could buy my iron so cheap...
there was no oil in the gear box , after i added some it start to leak !!

i discover a small crack from a previuos problem... custom kickstand use the case as stopper !!!

the crack is not so huge but leaks bad ...

First ???is it possible to weld on those old case ???
As short term fix for this summer do you known a product to apply or buy the inside or from the outside to stop or reduce the leak ???

i'm afraid to use cold metal in the inside , if pops out it came go into my primary chain :frownthre will not be good ....

any advice appreciated ....i really don't know the way to go ...

as my budget is low and i can afford to open the engine this summer ,i would to prefere to rebuild as winter project ....and then weld the case if possible

15th April 2005, 13:30
I have to ask. Is it the engine case or the primary cover that's cracked?
If it's the case, hopefully it's not too bad and you shoul be able to have it welded. As a temp fix, you could try some JB Weld. I wouldn't be real comfortable putting it on the inside either. If it's the primary cover, that's a pretty cheap and easy fix. You can simply replace it. Either way, you should have no problems getting it fixed up.

15th April 2005, 13:46
Thank's a lot,

no it's not cover ....
it's the case itself .....
I found a really strong silicone type (rtv black sealant used in boatyard !)
i will give a try .... :frownone hope it will hold on for the next three , four months ?

i will already sleep better now as i know it can be welded :D

15th April 2005, 22:12
Be sure to clean with lots of solvent/carb. cleaner before fix. I've seen JB weld used with good results. It's a pretty cheap weld fix. Use a Dremel to open up the crack & bevel the edges. Then take it to the weld shop. About a 10 minute job for him. Do the math... Just my experience.

15th April 2005, 22:50
The JB weld should work fine, and alot easyer to grind off when you do decide to fix it right.I've used it on a water jacket on a 400 cummins deisel 4 years ago and it is still not leaking any antifreeze.all I did was spray it with a solvent and apply, I believe I used starting fluid. just work it into the crack then feather it out about a quarter inch. If it doesn't work your not out much, and no permenat damage from trying to fix it cheap.