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7th August 2009, 15:10
When i was under my 07 nightster the other day i noticed that the outside of the oil pump was covered in oil. I cleaned it up to see if i could tell where it was coming from. It's not bad enough so that it drips under the bike at all. Is there a common cause for this?
Thanks for the help.

Cosmo Kramer
7th August 2009, 15:24
Zeebo, are you referring to the oil tank? Do you have oil seeping out of the seam where the tank's two halves are brought together? If so, some have just replaced the tank...I think it is around $150 from Zanotti or try to reseal it.

This thread might be helpful:

7th August 2009, 15:42
your oil pump should not have oil on it. you should make sure it and the hoses are secured properly

7th August 2009, 16:24
could be one of the hoses are leaking. Not a common problem that I know of..

Make sure we are talking about the pump and not the tank ?

7th August 2009, 20:26
Nope, it is not leaking around the tank halves, It is just on the pump under the bike. I'll just watch it as it could have been an old issue that was fixed, and the pump wasn't cleaned.