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18th April 2005, 04:42
If you live near or are in San Diego before the April 21st there's a M/C exhibit in the Balboa Part Automotive Mueseum. I checked it out today with some friends, and I don't think any of us brought a camera. There were a bunch of really cool and really rare bikes there. My personal favorites were the 3 Bonniville record breaking Ironheads (one of them was a crazy One lunger!) those things were strictly business and had the aesthetics only a gear head could love. Also some old vincent's, a ton of old injun's flat trackers and hill climbers, a few knucks, more 60's triumphs then you could shake your wiggle stick at, and a few choppers. Would have been cool to see more authentic "bobbers" but all said it was worth checking out. Might have to go back and bring my camera...


18th April 2005, 12:36
sounds kool, but a bit far away for me

18th April 2005, 12:59
And far to far for me to and the cost well out of my reach sounds nice though.
love looking at old bikes.


19th April 2005, 01:57
I'm getting free admission to take pictures and write an article. So I'll post some pics here this weekend.