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28th August 2009, 12:25
Dear Sirs,
As you are certainly aware, the motorcycle market in Brazil is growing at a steady rate of over 20% a year for more than 10 years.
Harley Davidson motorcycles, which were a dream for most of us, has become easier to purchase, what has increased the participation of your bikes in the Brazilian market share in a very fast growing rate.
I only wish everything was a sea of roses. Your representative in Brazil, the Izzo Group has probably the worst aftermarket service of all the motorcycle manufacturers established in the country. I would dare to say that if it was not a Harley Davidson, most of us, customers, would trade it for the first Japanese bike they could find, just not to have to put up with your dealers here.
The outrageously reckless way they treat the customers start at the moment they deliver the bike with long delays, a configuration that may or may not be the one you have chosen and often a lousy delivery inspection, which lead to unsafe performance of the bike, to the day you try to schedule your time at the shop for the periodic maintenance.
Often do we hear of people who have their motorcycle damaged after taking it to the dealer shop for a simple oil change or for installing an original accessory.
Warranty claims are very common and often a nightmare!
The prices on original accessories and apparel are so outrageous, that it’s cheaper to purchase it in US and have it mailed to Brazil.
I am sure Harley Davidson has not come to the Brazilian Market to perform such a poor job.
Your products, and I mean not only the motorcycles but the accessories, clothes and every HD item you produce are high quality material, and if the Izzo Group were able to explore the market with the same quality and commitment we find in the US dealers, I am sure your market share would grow so fast you would consider opening a factory here.
Brazilian motorcyclists are becoming more and more aware of their rights and the Izzo Group is already under a Law Suit in one of our most developed states. The way things are going, it won’t be long until other law suits will pop in every state, due to discontent bikers which have got to their limits when dealing with such poor services.
We, Brazilian Harley Davidson Owners, are sending you this note to make sure you become aware of what has been done to the Brand Name you have worked so much to uphold and sustain as a Classic in the motorcycle industry, in a hope to have your administrators implement actions that may increase the quality of the service provided by your dealers in Brazil, or allow for more prepared executives to take this action, so that we can all profit from a better quality in our rides.
We are eagerly waiting for a answer on this note, to confirm that the poor service we are receiving here is a local problem, and that Harley Davidson before being just a Brand Name is, and will always be, a motorcyclist’s way of life!

28th August 2009, 13:01
This post is not a Spamm ok?
Is true, we need your help!