View Full Version : tire translation?

30th August 2009, 02:46
im buying the wyatt gatling springer kit(well actually its a DNA springer becuase there piecing me together a custom kit cuz i dont want chrome) and it comes with a 21 in rim and a Avon AM 20 tire
as stated in my last thread im looking for white walls and wanted to know if its the same as the 54H MH90-21 M/C TL metlzer tire? when i researched the AM 20 it said it was a 90/90/21 is that correct?

this has to be the most confusing part of my ironhead bobber build lol :censor

30th August 2009, 03:43
They have a few different sizes in that model of tire.


And here is a sizing chart. http://www.avon-tyres.co.uk/motorcycle/tyre-size-information

30th August 2009, 03:54
so if the rim im buying is 21" X 2.15" then will the MH 90/21 metzeler fit that rim? :dunno

30th August 2009, 04:02

1.85 - 2.50 are the recommended rim widths.