View Full Version : anybody know about sprained or injured ankles

31st August 2009, 13:23
dunno what I did. my ankle is sore sometimes anyway, if I walk alot. Its not uncommon for me to slightly limp into work on a Monday.

But last night, Sunday, my left ankle got real painful and I could hardly sleep. some ibuprofen helped a bit.
This morning I see its somewhat swollen and there's a bruise on the inside of my ankle and onto my foot.
I hobbled on into work (good thing I don't have to ride in, I couldn't ride the bike this way) and everytime I have to get up and do something, depsite trying not to put weight on it (i.e. limping) it gets a bit more painful. Even to the point of having the occaissional shooting pain up my leg on the outside.

What do you think? do I need to go to the Dr? I have read that these things usually just have to heal on their own.

Bad bad timing.... my Dad is in the hospital and I have to walk real far to see him...from parking garage to his room.


Was wondering if anyone has experience with a similar thing. This is the 1st time I've ever had this. Yesterday I even mowed the lawn! After that is when it got bad.


31st August 2009, 14:01
go get an xray and make sure it's a sprain and you didn't break something. Having had several of both (sprained and broken ankles) they're almost impossible to tell apart ( providing it's a fracture and lot a clean break) without an xray. I do remember from the last badly sprained one that they can take as long, or longer to heal than a fracture. You can get a bit of relief from the pain with a tensor bandage, elevating it and putting ice on it. Worth getting checked, though

31st August 2009, 14:06
ok thanks...yeah I better go get it checked. I was just fixing to say never mind I will try to "work through" the pain. But its getting kind of freaky-painful.

31st August 2009, 14:07
is it bruse or just red and swollen. it could be gout if you didnt twist your ankle

31st August 2009, 14:12
has a bruise, like black and blue...

31st August 2009, 14:19
gout is just inflamed and swollen no bruises.like was said earlier get an xray

31st August 2009, 14:38
Get an xray, I knoe a lady that though she sprained her ankle, walked on for a few weekes until she couldn't stand it anymore, then finally went to the Dr to find out she had broken it.

31st August 2009, 15:34
By now you probably have decided to see a doctor.

One thing to think about when you do see one is ask for a temporary handicap tag. That will allow you to park closer to the hospital when you go see your dad.

I dealt with a very bad ankle and foot injury once, took 14 months to get over it, 6 months were in a cast. The foot and ankle dr. I went to said if I had gone to a doctor right away I would have saved 6 months of healing time.

Good luck

31st August 2009, 15:47
If it is broken or sprained you will have definitely known it when you did it. But, you need to have it checked out.

31st August 2009, 16:24
Yo, did you injure yourself? FRom what you've written, it almost sounds as if this is just the way it's always been. For your ankle to be like there would almost have to have been some kind of trauma to it. Either way, if it's been like this for any length of time, you should have it checked out.

+1 on going to get an x-ray. Better safe than sorry.

31st August 2009, 16:46
Quit walking on it. That can prevent it from healing up.

31st August 2009, 17:27
Back from Walk-in. Got it X-ray'ed, and I have bone spurs plus signs of a possible old injury, but the reason it is hurting is I have cellulitis right there in the skin around the ankle bone.
So it actually WAS a red area, and not a black and blue bruise as I'd thought.

Antibiotics, plus keep foot up, which isn't making them very happy here at my work.

thanks, for the ideas...I appreciate it.