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5th September 2009, 04:48
Haven't been on the forum in a long time. But I was involved in an accident back in May of this year. Broke my wrist, but its recovering very well. My main concern is my pelvic and hip area. Doctors said that there was a slight separation of the pelvic bone, just wondering if anyone has experienced this? Is there any time frame before trying to ride again.

5th September 2009, 05:07
Talk with your doctor and the physical therapist, they will know more when YOU are ready.

Everyone is different, and heals at a different rate. Then there is the activity of your daily life to take into consideration, it when your ready to ride again.

Sit on your bike, how does it feel?
Are you in pain or are you ok?

Start with a short ride through the neighborhood, on a week day is best (Less traffic) and take it slow.

How do you feel afterward?

Are you doing any stretching?

Soft tissue injuries can benefit from stretching.

After my shoulder surgery, after a couple months I went to a sports massage therapist to have my should stretched and worked over.
Now, understand, a SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPIST is a licensed medical professional (Not the ones that do the "happy ending" thing, stay away from them:p).
It really helped me loosen the shoulder up, and in the long run helped in the recovery.........but it hurt like hell wile she was working it over.