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4th December 2004, 15:31
The other day I was on a h-d related site and some fellow had a question about buying his first harley. he said he was 6ft2 inchnes and weighed 275lbs. and had 12000 max to spend he was interested in a 1200r. you should of heard the replies . basicly they were telling him he didnt have enough money to buy a new harley and he should buy a honda shadow first then save up to buy a big twin because a sporty wasnt big enough for him. and didnt have enough power to pull his weight. W.T.F. ! Now I have rode bigger bikes and I have rode smaller bikes than the sporty and many different brands and models. One thing I can say from thirty years of riding is the sporty can hold its own with any stock big twin and make most cry in their beer. sure there are some crotch rockets that can run 200 miles an hour and there are some big twins with extensive mods that can give ya whiplash . but dollar for dollar you cant find a better bargin than a sporster. from my own experience I ride two up quite a bit with my wife , combined weight 350lbs, I personally weigh 220lbs and am 6ft tall and never have I had a problem passing cars at freeway speeds with both of us. up hill down hill it dont matter there is plenty of torque and plenty of acceleration to get the job done and I dont mean down shifting to pass I mean twist the wick and go.
Im pretty sure that I didnt get the super secret sporty that was accidently released from harley and is a one of a kind wonder bike. why do we get no respect. I suggested that the fellow mentioned above buy an 883 since they have more horsepower stock than comparible hondas or yamahas or suzukis put the 5000 dollars he has saved in the bank ride the crap out of the 883 and then if he feels he needs more power drop a grand and convert to 1200. use the saved money to make the bike personal to his taste. they called me an idiot. what do y,all thank

4th December 2004, 16:23
That seems to be the general feelings with people who never had a sportster, but once you do.......you'll never go back! :D :luvsport

4th December 2004, 16:30
I've personally converted a few who had that same mindset. They see my bike and just can't believe how little money I have into it. Then they see it go down the road and their jaw drops.

4th December 2004, 16:51
but dollar for dollar you cant find a better bargin than a sporster.

Jwb47, say that one more time for me! Fourty five years on motosickles, I would only need a big twin for hauling a piano. However, it would make a nice lamp or a better paperweight.

4th December 2004, 17:40
I thing you should find away to answer to one who made the stupid comment by leaving a letter at that website if you can. Ya won't find many here that would disagree with you. I remember the old shovel heads. The FLH was a twelve hundred and put out much less hp than the evo sporty and it came dressed to the nines and was designed to carry two up with gear and go touring. Ever sat on one of those old frames? They are more cramped than the sportster. It is a physcological thing. The name Sportster means to some that it just can't go travelling or carry anyone too big without cramping his/her style.

4th December 2004, 19:05
well I am pretty sure after being on that particular site for a while it is nothing but posers and 1% wannabees. since it seems the major theme is do these chaps make my ass look big , use synthetic oil and help me pick a helmet. I think I will just start hangin out here more and stay away from the other sites I find the humorous no more and gain alot more practical info here. I could care less about hog chapter issues or somebodys heart burn because they have to pay to go on a chapter ride. But I am interested in engine mods and performance improvements and opinions of other people who actually do ride some where besides starbucks on bike night. great site here and great people.

4th December 2004, 19:38
I don't waste my time legitimizing my choices in bikes, babes or booze. If someone doesn't like it they can piss up a rope. I have buddies that ride all kinds of bikes and the ONLY comment I hear is about vibration. I told one gal recently that she might be the only female I've ever known that didn't like it.

Several have confided in me that a Sportster is the way a bike should look And NONE of them get gas mileage anywhere close to mine. :clap :tour :laugh

4th December 2004, 20:35
same here. I mentioned buying the 89 883 I have now. 90% of the replies were "Forget that bike, save your $$, buy a Jap bike first, then buy a Soft tail when you can afford it"
So I bought the Sportster and never felt happier...

5th December 2004, 01:59
You can spend the better part of a lifetime sifting through all the B.S. on the internet.... Having visited a number of forums for a number of different topics, I am happy as hell to have found this one.

There are so many "experts", "guys-in-the-know", and other associated bullshit artists out there who's only real expertise is being a smart-ass keyboard jockey with a notion to blow out other people's ideas, that it's not funny.

Make a choice that is right for you, and as willprevale says, "have the others piss up a rope if they don't like it."

5th December 2004, 02:14
Ride what you love and love what you ride dont' worry
about little childish games that these BOUTIQUE RIDERS say
about the sportster. The ones that have ridden sportsters and now
own BT's will always come up to a SPORTSTER RIDER :chop
and start a conversation about your sporty. Not all,but those are
the a$$holes in the BT crowd. :luvsport

8th December 2004, 04:46
Many years ago there were plenty of 1% that rode the sporty. Back when the FLH was the only other choice to buy the sporty was a popular choice with these bikers. Sure they kidded each other about their rides but nobody badmouthed a sporty especially at a traffic light because he was going to be made to look stupid. These guys didn't need anyone's opinion on whether they should buy the bike and they strapped their stuff to the back of these bikes and rode them where ever the B.T.'s went and came back on them too!