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21st April 2005, 02:07

Although it is a little underpowered at 32 hp, the Buell Blast does handle very well. Weighing in at a mere 380 lbs (wet) and the superb lean angle give it great response in the twisties. On the straights it is a bit slow to the start and chatters quite a lot at low revs but once you get the revs up it goes fairly quick for it’s size (492cc). The tranny seems very much Harley in the way it shifts and it performed well although there are a couple of extra neutrals. It definitely is not any form of a race-bike but gets up to speed on the highway just fine so merging into traffic is no problem.


The mid foot controls are comfortable but extremely basic and your position on the bike is generally upright. I was I bit more comfortable using the passenger pegs when possible but then your left without your foot controls which is fine in some cases but……..


The Blast is most assuredly a bare bones motorcycle with very few amenities. There is a tiny fairing that does practically nothing. The switches are a low end plastic and the hand controls are nothing to get excited over and there is no tachometer. Additionally the handlebars look more like something you might find on a ranchers ATV. A plastic shroud covers a 2.8 gallon (including reserve at .5gl) plastic fuel tank. These are minor problems if you want to call them that and the plastics don’t bother me at all.


Overall the look of the bike is sleek and sporty and the only modification I can think of there is that seat strap has got to go. The mid mount exhaust gives it an even keel but needs a bit more noise. The black and silver paint scheme works well but black on black would be better (maybe in the future).


All in all the Blast is a “BLAST” to ride and is a great around town or commuter bike but I wouldn’t put a day tripper out of the question.

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21st April 2005, 02:44
Looks fun!!! Wonder if you can get a hardtail frame for that engine ;)


21st April 2005, 02:52
Is that yours Ken?

21st April 2005, 03:00
Is that yours Ken?

Yes it is. I couldn't resist plus the ol lady wants to learn to ride and I thought it would be perfect for just that

21st April 2005, 03:03
Good luck with it! .............last time I tried to teach the wife how to ride.............she dumped it! :laugh Hope ya have better luck. ;)

21st April 2005, 03:09
Good luck with it! .............last time I tried to teach the wife how to ride.............she dumped it! :laugh Hope ya have better luck. ;)
:laugh :laugh Actually she is doing well. She has an XR200R that she rides in the dirt so she has a good start.

21st April 2005, 03:14
She'll be a pro in no time then!

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21st April 2005, 03:25
:hijack Sorry Kenny, but I'm on a mission now to find a Buell Blast chopper...

I found a couple...


21st April 2005, 12:54
:hijack Sorry Kenny, but I'm on a mission now to find a Buell Blast chopper Gazza

A guy I use to work with started his own shop, he told me over the phone last week that he was working on a frame for a buell?


Nice review Kenny. I have often thought that if I didn't already have my Sportster, I would pick up a blast for my work commuter. I rode a 450 nighthawk for years, and loved it.
Good luck with it.

23rd April 2005, 04:13
Well, the S.O. had her first lesson on the Blast yesterday and #2 today. She sure was surprised when I brought it home. I told Her "you've been buggin' me for a bike forever well, here it is". She never was very good on the dirt so I thought She'd scare the hell out of me but She did very well. We got out of the parking lot today and rode around the farms a bit. Nice and straight runs that go a long way. She's getting the hang of it very nicely and the little tricks (friction zone, counterstearing, etc.) are starting to come a little more naturally (for just a couple of rides). I can tell she still has a death grip on the bars as her hands are a bit pink after a short ride. Tomorrow we'll have a good few hours to work on more stuff if it doesn't rain. I'll get some pix of us when we don't have helmet-head and post 'em.

25th April 2005, 03:40
I have been lookin at chopping a buell and the frame questions are holding me back. I know crossroads did one with a bobber look. I think you could build a sweet lil thumper with a lightweight chop and a healthy dose of NRHS goodies.

25th April 2005, 06:57
Have her take the Riders Edge MSF class - they use Blasts, and when she is done she'll be super confident and have a great toolbox of skill she learned on THEIR Blasts.

I know, because I took the course a week ago, and am riding a 2002 Blast with a windshield and bags. I've gone around the area several times and Saturday did a small trip (40 miles round trip) which included about 40% at 55MPH and two short legs of 65 MPH.

It IS worth the money, especially if you are riding a Blast afterwards. trust me.

PS: My wife is now signed up for the same course at the H-D dealership, and will be taking the Blast from me, leaving me to move up.......