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8th September 2009, 18:35
Just got a new Cycle Electric Generator, and I need to press on the old gear. What's the best way to get off the old, and put on the new? Do I need to press it on, or can I just hammer it on with a socket?

8th September 2009, 18:51
Pull the old one off with a 2 or 3 jaw puller. Should be cheap enough at the local auto parts store. On second thought, if there's an Autozone near they'll loan u the tool.
To put the gear on the new generator, heat the gear to 300 deg F in the oven and it should drop on. Would stay away from hammering as there's a risk of bearing damage and you would not want to do that to your new $300 generator

8th September 2009, 18:58
Heat it with a propane torch and use two BIG screwdrivers to pry it off, then get it hot again and draw it on the new generator with a nut. Auto zone sells a close quarters puller that I used on mine and it worked fine. Don't beat on it, and don't use an acetylene torch cuz you're just looking to expand the gear, not get it red hot. It will lose it's temper.

Edit: I was too slow! Yeah the oven works good too if'n ya don't have a propane torch.

8th September 2009, 19:02
I just said "If'n! blah

8th September 2009, 21:13
Thanks, I'll try Autozone and the oven when I get home.