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21st April 2005, 17:50

When I visited the States last year I went to the local HD store and I ended up buying a sort of Nylon/FXRG long jacket that works great when it is cold. But I also wanted a leather jacket and to start with I looked at the black leather jacket with flames on the arms. It was pretty cool but maybe a bit too much :) But I ended up buying the Speed leather jacket and I like it. It is comfortable and it looks good in my opinion. Most of the other guys at the HOG gatherings wear black of course so I do stand out in the crowd but I don't really mind. The zippered cuffs works pretty good but the gloves I have are a bit short so I do get a bit of draft in. I'm looking at buying a leather pants and I see that some of the pants have a zipper at the back so that you can connect them to some jackets. But this jacket does not have that functionality :frownthre

I don't really have any experience in keeping leather jackets look nice so if you have any good advice please let me know :rolleyes:


21st April 2005, 18:03
I don't really have any experience in keeping leather jackets look nice so if you have any good advice please let me know

Saddle soap and mink oil.

10th May 2005, 00:40
When I bought my first leather jacket as a teenager, the sales person told me that a good way to break it in, is to wrap it up tight in a ball, tie it with string, and throw it under the wheels of a passing 18-wheeler.

10th May 2005, 01:29

I don't really have any experience in keeping leather jackets look nice so if you have any good advice please let me know :rolleyes:

These are great products,I have leather that is over 20 years old and still nice.

10th May 2005, 22:32
Leather care tips:

If you can afford to, get some leather protectant (often as a spray or a tin of mink oil) that will help keep moisture out. As with many other items in life: You get what you pay for. Be sure to shop around for a quality leather product that won't damage the leather. You should always test the leather care product first in a small, less obvious area.

• If you want to clean your leather, try to have it cleaned by hand and not a machine which may add unwanted chemicals to your leather garment. These chemicals can alter the leather's texture.

• If you wear leather clothing often, and it is exposed to the elements (hot, sunny weather, rain or snow) on a regular basis, you probably should have the leather conditioned at least 4 times a year, if not more.

• During the winter months you may get salt stains on your leather. The best way to remove a leather stain is to lightly wipe the area with a damp cloth. Do not rub too hard or the stain may embed itself deeper into the leather. Then let the leather air dry and the stain should disappear.

• Grease or leather oil stains: Do not apply water to the stain! It will only worsen the problem. Simply wipe the surface stain away with a dry cloth and let the remainder absorb into the leather. The stain should disappear.

• Leather storage: When you're not wearing your leather garment, you should keep it in a dark place that isn't subject to humidity or too much dryness. Usually a closet is the best place for it. Do not cover your leather product with an unbreathable material - such as plastic. When the temperature varies, there is the possibility that humidity gets trapped inside and leather may develop mildew. Cover leather product with a large cloth or any other breathable material.

• Leather coat care: Keep your leather garment on a good coat hanger that is wide and padded. Leather is a material that stretches, it may distort and take the shape of the hanger, especially if the leather jacket is left hanging for a long time.