View Full Version : primary noise

22nd April 2005, 11:24
when i shut my bike off i hear a rattling noise coming from the starter area of my primary. anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

Jason's Sporty
23rd April 2005, 23:42
You sure your just not hearing the exhaust pipes, engine fins etc clicking when they cool down?

24th April 2005, 00:37
Are you sure your primary is adjusted correctly. Mine rattled like hell because I had a Hayden m6 chaintensioner. Check the tension and maybe a little tweak will help.

24th April 2005, 13:43
chain is tight, guess ill pull the primary off today and see whats going on in there.

25th April 2005, 11:16
found that 3 of the stator bolts had been broken off in the tranny trap door. only 1 left holding it on. how and why this happened i dont know. now i need to find a new trap door.