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22nd April 2005, 18:48
:clap :clap

I on my way trhough Seladia yesterday i stopped in Seladia HD dealer to look around and streach my legs. I had bought from a KC dealer a chrome rear axle cover. When i got it it was missing a small set screw to secure the HD logo cap. I had been to 3 different dealers incl the one where i bought it with no luck in getting or buying a set screw.

Much to my amazement the parts guy in Seladia opens a new one and "gives" me the set screw. He ask meif i got it there.....i said no..........gave it to me anyway..ask to pay for it............he said ."nope, well order another".

Well, trust me i will stop there every time through Seladia as that is the way business is suppost to work!

The Seladia HD dealer get's it! :clap :clap :clap

22nd April 2005, 19:56
It's nice when you find people that care about the product they sell. I went to the dealer where I live once and the parts guy was telling me all about how he thought HD's were crap and they'd always be crap. I wonder why he even worked there....

22nd April 2005, 20:45
If you can, give them some feedback about their service and also let them know you posted positive remarks about them on this forum. You may get more free stuff!
Too many businesses hear complaints all day, but no compliments.

22nd April 2005, 21:01
Good idea.wilco

22nd April 2005, 22:21
Thats great. Good to know there are some really good dealers out there.