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17th September 2009, 00:52
Hello new to the forum so bear with me. Maybe someone has already beat the subject to death but this is my problem. 2000 883 custom with 1200 conversion just after the bike was new all screaming eagle inside and out.
Problem is the bike does not seem to charge during long hard rides, seems to charge otherwise. Have done the usual trouble shooting steps per service manual, regulator, battery, stator, connections ect. It seems to be a heat issue but dont know what part of the system is failing. any ideas or starting points????

Fackler Rebel
17th September 2009, 01:05
Sounds to me like your voltage regulator is breaking down under heat.You can do a search on this and it will tell you how to check for thermal failure.


17th September 2009, 01:17
I have a '96 1200 and I'm pretty sure the guy that sold it to me was getting rid of it because of the charging problem it had. He told me to "keep it on the battery tender it's what these bikes need". He also assumed that it had been rebuilt because all the fasteners on the engine "look like they had a wrench to 'em."

Off a fresh charge you could ride all day and as long as the battery tender was put on everyday it was fine. But try and ride it a second day and without the overnight tending and it was dead. Speedo bouncing with the turn signals and it wouldn't start once stopped.

I replaced the battery and voltage regulator. Didn't fix anything. Then the HD dealer convinced me to buy another voltage regulator. No warranty on electronic parts either. So I bought another one and still nothing. I was ready to sell the damn thing. And this was after painting it and changing bars and turn signals and everything else.

Anyway there was a wire pinched. I think it was a stator wire pinched in the engine case. I'm not sure on the specifics my dad found the problem while I was storing it for the winter at his place. He got the wire out and wrapped it in tape and it's peach now.