View Full Version : spoke rims? wear to buy

21st May 2007, 14:02
im bobbing my 89 sporty and im lookin for a set of wire wheels, wear can i buy them that arnt extreamly expansive.. i dont need any odd size, just stock size...

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21st May 2007, 14:32
if your not in hurry watch ebay. i got my back with tire for 100.00 with 300 miles on it. it was off of a sotftail. see what all will fit then keep a eye on them. got my fromt from a indy. traded the 21 for a 19 i was lucky it was new and the guy didnt like the look of a 19. they like 21 for custom bike so they have 19 liying a round. hope it is what you are looking for good luck

21st May 2007, 14:35
Or Craigslist (http://newyork.craigslist.org/mcy/). I see a lot of parts
up for sale there.

I see this is your first post so welcome
to the forum bobber89!