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20th September 2009, 21:54
Just thought this would come in handy for anyone out there looking to replace their wheel bearings soon or working on a wheel swap like me. The numbers in perintheses are in milimeters- Outside Diameter (OD), Inside Diameter (ID), and Width (W).

Castalloy Wheels - NSK bearings

Front wheel - 6204-2RS (47 OD, 20 ID, 14 W)
Rear wheel
Right side - 6205-2RS (52 OD, 25 ID, 15 W)
Left side - 62205-2RS (52 OD, 25 ID, 18 W)

PM (Chrome) Wheels - NSK bearings

Front wheel - 6204-2RS (47 OD, 20 ID, 14 W)
Rear Wheel - 6205-2RS (52 OD, 25 ID, 15 W)

XB Wheels - FAG bearings (IIRC)

Front wheel 6005.2RSR (47 OD, 25 ID, 12 W)
Rear wheel 6006.2RSR (55 OD, 30 ID, 13 W)

On a side note, you can use the part numbers and go to your local BEARING SUPPLY STORE and find brand alternatives if you desire, but remember, not all bearings are created equally. Also make sure to use the proper torque specs tightening down your axles so that you don't overtighten them and damage the bearings.

On a side note, I used Koyo 6204-2R's in my XB front wheel conversion. The bearings are the same dimensions as the NSK tuber bearings, but were $11/pr.

20th September 2009, 23:08
The first time I have an issue with my new and improved 09 bearings, I'm doing the 2010 wheel and larger bearing swap

5th October 2011, 23:51
I know I'm digging up a near dead thread here, but I'm hoping one of you could expound a bit on the industy part numbering system. I've found a bearing number 2205 with the geometry of the 62205 & wondered if it'd work. The load & RPM rates look to be ok I wasn't sure if I was missing something.

4th December 2011, 18:05
Those 62205's are pricy huh? I don't have a specific answer to your question but I have been buying bearings at a local bearing supply house for decades and their prices have always been dirt cheap with one exception, that 62205.

4th December 2011, 18:22
Best price I found was Amazon believe it or not. If memory serves, I even found ceramic bearings too though I didn't get those.


9th December 2012, 18:21
I use my local Yamaha dealer to supply and fit my tyres, but was shocked when they told me the bearings in both my Buell's wheels were shot last tyre change, but they had replacements in stock! So these bearings are widely used on other brands and should be easy to find.

13th June 2015, 06:06
I can't add to the OP, but the 2010 Buell rear wheel uses 3 of the following bearings

6206-2RS, 62 x 30 x 16 mm with double seals