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NRHS Sales
25th September 2009, 19:01
Chris Carr regains motorcycle world land speed record
Piloting the BUB Streamliner 'Lucky 7' at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, yesterday, Chris Carr regained the motorcycle world land speed record with a new mark of 367.382 mph. he actually had a top speed over 372 mph!!

Still awaiting ratification by the FIA, the time was the average of the requisite two opposite direction passes and was set during a 'private time' session booked by the Denis Manning's BUB team following the tricky conditions and fire experienced at the BUB Speed Trials at the beginning of the month.

Full details and pictures will appear on the team's website shortly.

congratulations to Chris Carr and the entire BUB Racing team.


25th September 2009, 19:04
Dan, I read that this morning. Incredible! Now we need to help Sam get to that speed ;)

25th September 2009, 19:36
wow, that's freakin' fast!!!!!

ok Dan, what NRHS kit will make my sporty that fast???

25th September 2009, 20:41
Holy shit!

Yeah, I'd like to know when that kit is going to be available.

25th September 2009, 20:46
Very cool! Congrats


25th September 2009, 20:55
So, do you think that would beat a BUSA?....Probably not in the quarter mile...wonder how fast that machine needs to be pushed before it takes off on its own?
Congrats...to the team- makes me proud to run a BUb Rhinehart exhaust-

Hot Rod Sporty
25th September 2009, 21:06
Congrats Aaron, Dan and Chris!

How long will it be before Chris can un-pucker his butt? :p

25th September 2009, 21:12
Nice! :)

NRHS Sales
25th September 2009, 21:50
Unfortunately Aaron and I can take no credit for this one. The #7 is owned and built by Dennis Manning who owns Bubs exhaust. We are friends with Dennis but have no actual input into the bike. the engine alone in that bike is rumored to have cost Dennis over 1 million dollars. Yes you read that right!!

25th September 2009, 21:53
372 MPH ??

Why, was he stuck in 1st Gear ????


25th September 2009, 22:20
Congrats Aaron, Dan and Chris!

How long will it be before Chris can un-pucker his butt? :p

LOL Unpucker his butt? Just throw out those shorts.

25th September 2009, 22:59
so when do they top 400mph? oh, those are airplanes! 374 is crazy fast! how many miles to reach top speed?

26th September 2009, 00:35
Did Dennis have an NRHS big bore kit ?

26th September 2009, 18:45

Dakin Engineering
27th September 2009, 00:55
I've seen the prints for the engine.
V-4 built to the same width as the rider.


27th September 2009, 02:47
V-4 built to the same width as the rider.
how is the motor configured? v4 like a v8 on a truck, running a driveshaft, or v4 like 2 vtwins side by side and chain drive?

27th September 2009, 04:20
I got a good close look at that 2 wheeled rocket while it was on display at the NY Int'l Motorcycle Expo. He actually took apart the front end and engine covers to explain to us what made this vehicle so unique. He answred every question, allowed us to take closeup pictures and did not seem to mind. Congratulations on setting the LSR once again.

Stephen Lowry
27th September 2009, 17:49
That is excellent, I heard on a show about that bike and engine that there is still a lot more power to be made from that engine. And yes he does have a million dollars in it.............. Good job Chris and Dennis.................