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24th April 2005, 05:55
I came across some S&S 4 5/8" stroker wheels for my old 900. I've got the bottem end all done, but have run into a problem. The hole in the cylinders where the oil from the heads returns and then oils the piston skirts needs to be blocked off somehow since the rings now come down below that point. A guy told me to drill the channel that runs down the side of the cylinder all the way through the bottem and then fit a piece of steel brake line in the channel to block off the skirt oiler coming through the side and then the oil will just return to the case. The pistons come down far enough that there will be plenty of splash lubrication for the skirts so I'm not worried about that, but just craming a piece of steel brake line in the return seems like it won't work to me. Anybody ever done this? Any idea's?
Thanks Alot :smoke

25th April 2005, 21:08
You have to braze the stock shut, And re drill the hole lower in the cylinder skirt...
You also have to cut clearence notches in the cylinder skirts to clear the rods when they swing. The S&S pistons should be clearenced to clear each other at BDC, you need to check this...
I have a set of jugs setup. I'll get some pics and post them for you along with the S&S instructions that come with the kit... Did you get Rods & pistons? Jims rod pins do not line up with the oil passage holes on S&S wheels. FUN FUN

25th April 2005, 21:33
BobboJama pretty much summed it up.

Also, once you get it assembled and ready to run, you can get an extra long kicker arm from J&P Cycles that will bolt right on and give you more leverage when you kick it over....unless of course you running an electric start.


25th April 2005, 21:48
My right leg is start'n to hurt just think'n about it :D

29th April 2005, 04:01
I've already clearenced the jugs and cases when I had the cases split so i could do it with the pinion side off to see everything clear and it is tight, but I got 1/8 inch everywhere. even checked the valve to piston clearence and its ok also. i got new rods...stock length...and JE pistons made for this application and the right crank pin, sprocket shaft and pinion shaft for the S&S wheels so should be ok there just need to get this oil return taken care of so i can finish it up. oh yeah need to get a longer kick starter since this thing killed my knee stock, and its kick only. now I know what they meant by "sportster knee". thanks for the info, wish I would have found this site years ago. :tour

6th May 2005, 19:34
Below is the S&S Cycle Web site for downloading the PDF file for the Sporty Strokers. It is very detailed and shows you where to drill and what to plug. Hope it comes through as a link, otherwise copy & paste.


Good luck kick starting yours.... If mine was a kick only scoot it would be Yard Art. There is no way it would kick.... Static compression dry is 205psi F & 201psi R. With my electric start, she rolls over at least 8 times before she burps.
As for Sportster knee... I like to think of the Sporty as being "The Milwaukee Crippler"

13th May 2005, 15:27
I'm in the process of putting one of these beasts together. When I read your post regarding JE Pistons for your Stroker, I got all excited, as JE is usually half the price of S&S. When I called them for the stroker pistons, they refered me to Axtel, who refered me to Truitt & Osborne. T&O had the pistons in stock.... They were S&S pistons.... I don't what JE sold you, but be real careful.
My pistons have the wrist pin going though the oil ring groove because they to be located higher in the piston, And the piston is about 1.5" shorter than stock.

14th May 2005, 03:27
Sounds like the your pistons are the same as the ones I got from JE. THe salesman said he was selling me the last set they had. lucky I guess. Keep me posted on your project. Have you done anything else to the engine? Is yours a 900 or 1000. Mines got Y grind cams, some serious porting and bigger exhaust valves, almost the same size as the intakes. probably end up with a S&S carb. Can't wait to hear it thump. Maybe next weekend.

16th May 2005, 16:59
83 XLX-61. I raked the frame 2 degrees, have 3 degree raked wideglide trees off a Softail, using the 35mm legs in 41mm trees so i turned out collets to makeup the difference. Running rear Sporty 16" 9 spoke mags front & rear. Dual disk setup in the front. I stretched the swingarm 3" , moved the battery under the seat, Fabbed up a round oil tank, rear fender rides the swingarm. Motor is .080 over S&S 4.625" stroker ~77" with ported & polished XLR heads, Sifton Barracuda Cams. Carb is a S&S Super B w/accellerator pump.Pipes are homemade and step from 1.75" to 2" to 2.125". Much Much More..... Pictures coming soon...

19th May 2005, 04:24
Sweet...like to see it. Mines not quite worthy of pics yet, but getting really close

10th August 2008, 16:52
I got a nice set of S&S stroker flywheels I know I will never use. Any one want to buy 'em? I can email ya pics. Cash or interesting vintage parts trades welcome

10th August 2008, 22:18
I got a nice set of S&S stroker flywheels I know I will never use. Any one want to buy 'em? I can email ya pics. Cash or interesting vintage parts trades welcome

stroker size and price????:tour

10th August 2008, 23:19
I'm not sure, but I know the crank pin hole is really close to the outer rim of the flywheel. Wheels have SS and LL cast into them and each wheel has the number 366-7 stamped below the main shaft tapers. $100 + shipping or always interested in trading for vintage HD parts any model from 40 to 62.

11th May 2012, 10:50
I have 77 xl w/S&S stroker kit. Bought it already assembled, but with damaged cylinders. Been sittinglongenuff for condensation to ruin inside bore,
I used another jug set,modified it per specs, except I did not braize upper drain hole. Also did not use valve seals,as there was no room. Now I'm blowing oil. I think oil isnt draining fast enuff, as valve stems are wet. Has anybody drilled an auxiliary drain from rocker boxes?

11th May 2012, 12:43
Here is my first stroker and the one I just did. both about the same

bore 3.238 and is 0.050 over sized stroke is 4.500 with stroker wheels and s n s rods pistons.Head's installed with Manley BaisleyRowe blah blah blah



And hey....THEPIGSTY....Pm me your info would love to get that kit from you!!!

11th May 2012, 13:16
That post is almost 4 years old.