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7th October 2009, 21:31
i juat found out my gen is junk, no big surprise. lookin through the catalogs, i see an alternator in there to replace the gen. i was wondering if anyone has any experience with these? they are kinda pricey, but so is replacing the gen. and the thought of a reliable electrical system is nice. i have owned brit bikes, and am all to familiar with the prince of darkness.

7th October 2009, 21:45
Hear a thread about the same.......


72 Ironhead XLH
8th October 2009, 00:40
By "junk" ,exactly what is wrong. Armatures can be replaced, brushes,bearings, field coils. Who determined it`s junk.

8th October 2009, 00:46
By "junk" ,exactly what is wrong. Armatures can be replaced, brushes,bearings, field coils. Who determined it`s junk.

If you do it yourself it's cheaper but count in time and the small parts you better off buying a new one .. I am going through the same issues right now
I found new generators for about $100 the armature alone best price I could find is $99

8th October 2009, 01:01
As been said many times and I'll echo it-spend the money and get a Cycle Electric generator. It'll work faultlessly for many years and won't have a weird looking alt on the front of the motor. Generators will keep your wiring original and easy to diagnose and work on. If you're ready to spend $$ on a alt you can afford Cycle Electric.

Ivan RoachCoach
8th October 2009, 17:07
...with ZERO problems.

It's so reliable that I'm aconsidering including it in my will for some lucky beneficiary. :):):)

8th October 2009, 17:23
thanks for the input. my local inde tested mine and said get a new one. and it just so happens he has a used CE gen, so its done CE gen it is. i didnt really like the look of the alt anyway. any suggestions on a reg? electronic, or the cool lookin Bosch?

Ivan RoachCoach
8th October 2009, 17:30
...of them.
Make sure the one you're getting isn't set up like this and actually needs one.
If it's not part of the unit, get an electronic one.

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8th October 2009, 17:34
Try the CE one (This may not be the only sight to look) but.


8th October 2009, 17:35
i just talked to him, it has the built on the end reg, so it looks like im all set there. headin over there in a bit to pick it up along with my new clutch basket bearing and new kickstart gear. i cant wait to hear this thing run, its been 26 years since it has..

8th October 2009, 17:52
for the stock look, the gen
for better performance, the alt. the alt will output at idle, the gen usually won't.

Ivan RoachCoach
8th October 2009, 18:06
...are also supposed to, but most are too clapped-out after years of being rebuilt over and over again.

Most should have been shit-canned early on.