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5th December 2004, 23:45
Anyone use a fatter wheel and tire combo up front with a 21inch wheel. I was thinking something like a 3.5 inch wheel with a 120 up front. I know this would require a new front fender. I also like the look of no fender but am afraid of what that would mean when riding in the rain or rocky roads. Thanks...love this place


6th December 2004, 00:02
I like the no fender fat look too. A friend of mine stripped his '69 Electra Glide down to the no fender look and put a little springer solo seat on it. Cool ride.

6th December 2004, 01:39
i run with no front fender its all right, unless it rains than you get the water fountain effect. :yikes

19th December 2004, 16:55
I would be curious as well. I'm looking for a fatter front just to have more rubber on the ground for turning. My 01 883 looks as if the fender will accomidate a somewhat larger tire. I wonder what the limit is without ditching the fender? :rolleyes:

19th December 2004, 17:20
Glad to hear I am not the only one. I thought about swapping out for the 19 but I like the 21. In a recent issue of hot bike magazine, they have a night train they but a 3.5 21 inch wheel with a 120 tire. IT LOOKS COOOOOL!

I also wonder what the stock rim can safely hold. I am sure the HD dealer will give the standard OE crap. Anyone know a good bike shop that could give a strait answer??

19th December 2004, 17:36
Go to the Buchanan Spoke and Rim wheel site www.buchananspokes.com He's done hundreds of wheels and he could probably give you a correct answer.

19th December 2004, 19:07
I'm sure this is not an issue but a fat , large tyre will slow down your exeleration a bit

20th December 2004, 06:43
I'm not sure a 120 will fit between the forks.........

20th December 2004, 23:52
You know, the tire manufacturer also specifies the minimum rim width to be used with their tires. This I would be more likely to follow. Hrdly

Stephen Hawk
23rd December 2004, 20:50
Just go into a search engine and type in "Fatster." You will find a number of people with the same ideas and they actually look pretty good.


23rd December 2004, 23:38
I bought a Sportster because they look like my mental image of a real Harley. The other model that strikes my eye is the Fatboy. I wonder what a XL1200C would look like with a fat 16" tire on a wire wheel.
I may try that some day.

23rd December 2004, 23:40
Looks good. Thanks It is hard to believe that is a sporty under all that. However if I wanted a fat boy I would have bought one. I did not want to go quite that fat. I was thing of a fatter 19 or 21 inch wheel.
If I were to replace the entire front end, I think I would opt for a Paugho wide glide springer front end to give it that bobber look. Keep it classic! The good new is that there are plenty of options. I think I will ride it until the warrenty runs out, then change it completely.

steve w
11th January 2005, 16:03
I have kept my 19"wheel on the front of my XL883 and gone 10mm fatter but I cannot run a fender with that tyre, and it does run close but is way ok.
And it looks the business, good luck with your project,

Steve W
UK Sportster Rider.