View Full Version : Ironhead 76 sportster blowing out oil

15th October 2009, 01:55
Hi, I let my 76 sportster (kick only) set up for about two months without starting it. Came into the shop and kicked her and she started on first kick. I immediately noticed oil blowing out from underneath. Shut the bike down and took a look underneath. The oil was coming from what appeared to be a breather hose. What would cause this. It has never happened before. Could the oil be seeping past the ball in the oil pump, or could this be something worse. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

15th October 2009, 02:06
Common problem known as 'wet sumping', when oil leaks past the pump check valve and overfills the crankcase. Upon startup, excess oil is blown out the breather tube. No big deal, just keep a rag or pan under the tube when starting for the first time in a while. Other solutions are here as well: do a search for Wet Sump and read on.