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15th October 2009, 06:51
hello to all. I am going to have to replace the shift lever arm on my 1960 xlh. The arm is totally cashed and has split in half (the portion where the lever attaches to the arm). Any advice to help. I have the manual, but solid advice from those who have tackled this would help a ton. thanks

15th October 2009, 07:10
Not quite sure what your asking but if you mean swaping out the actual shift lever its pretty simple just remove the bolt completely don't just loosen it and pull it off, then put the new one on. If you mean something else and I missed it please let me know

15th October 2009, 07:10
Is this the arm that goes through the case into the pawl carrier? If yes, you do not need to pull the cam cover to replace this lever. But it's a full tear down from the primary side and can be a pain in the ass. I always pull the entire trans out as a unit and support the sprocket shaft when you back it out. Count the roller bearings and make sure you keep track of the washers. If you forget the washer that goes behind the roller bearings, the bearings will tear up the retaining ring and the thing will break later down the rode. The heavy grease trick does work to hold the roller bearings in the race when reinstalling the tranny. You need two people to get the tranny in and the ball on the lever arm into the pawl carrier. One person needs to hold the lever while the tranny is pushed into the case and engages the lever. You can tell when it grabs the lever. Not much else to worry about. I think I replaced my lever seal with the cam cover in place as well.

15th October 2009, 12:55
If you are replacing just the shifting lever (on the outside of the case, the one you actually shift with) make sure you pull the bolt completely out when you install the new lever. There is a "groove" around the shift shaft that the bolt will fit into. Make sure your splines are clean. Slide the shifter on and make sure it is in the location you want, then install the bolt and snug up. Make sure you use a dab of blue loctite. Not a difficult job. If you ever have to remove a shift lever, make sure the bolt is removed before you attempt to slide the lever off. Sometimes you have to use a flat bladed screw driver and "open" up the lever to slide off. It doesn't take much.

15th October 2009, 16:11
Just to be clear, this is the arm or rod that the actual shift lever bolts attaches to. the end of it is crushed so I cannot put the foot shifter on. what is the best way to do this?

15th October 2009, 18:13
I would think some careful work with a file would solve the problem. Got a picture? How'd it get like that?

15th October 2009, 18:21
Have you thought of trying a Dremel to clean it up? Then again what ever mashed the end of the shaft may have damaged the paw carrier inside the trans. might be worth look.