View Full Version : Ironhead Mainshaft Race Removal

18th October 2009, 03:38
HI all. I asked for some info last weekend about the transmission on my '73. Got parts in during the week and tore into it tonight. Just wanted to say thanks for all the feedback. Here is a picture of the new vs. old mainshaft race. It came out without any problems. I heated the hell out of the case with propane torch to 212 degrees and then hit the race with liquid freon. Two whacks with a hammer and out it came!

So thanks again!@!


18th October 2009, 03:56
You had your money's worth out of the old one then.... :-)

18th October 2009, 13:25
Where did you get the freon? An auto A/C recharge kit??

19th October 2009, 14:48
I do some a/c work at my job, so I brought homea big container of it. But, yes, you can use freon from an automotive recharge kit. The trick is to turn the can upside down, so you get liquid out, not the gas. Just watch your fingers!!