View Full Version : A puncture today! On the rear (of course!)!

Sporting Lad
30th May 2007, 05:46
This afternoon, having run all my errands, I was J.R.A. ("just riding along") on the parkway when my handling started going all mushy. "Something's amiss,"
I thought, "I'd better check it out!" Pulled off onto the shoulder and discovered, to my horror, :yikes my rear tire going flat. Well, it seemed like a slow leak, and I was about three miles from home, so I bailed out onto the rural byway and managed to limp back to base at slow speed.
The tire still wasn't "flat" as in, down on the rim, but man was that tire ever hot!
What to do? I could call a tow truck but our nearest HD dealer is 65 miles away, plus I decided to let my HOG membership lapse. So there was nothing for it but to do it meself.
I fiddled the lift into position, strapped the bike to it, pumped it up, and got out the patch kit I've been toting around on the odd chance I'd get a flat tire :laugh (hah!). I then set to work trying to get this hairy (and very sticky!) caterpiller to crawl through the eye of an overgrown needle. The HOLE in the tire, right in the centre of the tread, was about 1/4" in diameter with nothing sticking out of it. Bupkiss! I could practically see inside the tire. It kind of looked like a bullet hole but, this being Canada, I knew that could never be.:p
Anyhoo... I got the patch to work, used one of my CO2 cartridges to inflate (hah!) the tire... the first one gave me 7 psi, the next brought the tire up to 12 psi, but that was enough to roll the bike out of the shop to within range of the van which is armed with a 12 v air pump and showed 38.5 psi after about five minutes.
So providing the tire stays round overnight, I'll trip down to my friendly indy to see if I done good, or the tire needs replacing.
I have to say, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now. :drinkbeer Plus I got some experience using the kit. It seemed a little weird.
BTW--So what do they call a tubeless tire that doesn't go totally flat, and you can still slowly ride home? Modern? All this new technology! :doh
I've been riding since high school, and this is the first time I've had a real flat.
So what am I? Lucky?
"So do ya feel lucky? Well... do ya, punk?" :hidechai

30th May 2007, 05:56
:clap :clap Sounds like you "done good"...:cheers

30th May 2007, 06:11
Yep! No question............replace the tire. Of course unless you like living on the edge of disaster

30th May 2007, 08:28
new tyre time, unless you like cheating death

Sporting Lad
31st May 2007, 06:35
So this morning the tire was still round, and holding pressure. I set off to my indy shoppe (40 miles away) with my friend following on his bike. After 20 miles the handling went all squrielly again: the plug had popped out of the hole!
I quipped to my manservant, "Whoa, dude, good thing you weren't following too close. You might've gotten plugged!" We'd stopped at one of those "convenience store" style gas stations where they're only interested in selling gas and burritos. Which give you gas. Hey! there's what to do about the high price of gas: If we give up on making Salami Ben Ladden pay, we could just eat more burritos and make our own steenking gas! :sorry
Where was I...lemme see... Oh, right--So I'm down to my last sticky caterpiller and the burrito station has an air pump. The native chap behind the till says there's a real tire store in the next town, so off we go. There the guy has this tool that looks like a gigantic hypodermic needle, and he takes out this big honkin' plug about the size of my pinky, and injects it into the hole. He says that the hole was just too big, and my pathetic little caterpillers were just too silly (I nearly lost the last one when it began to fall into the hole!). :p
We arrived at the indy shoppe without further incident. There I had my choice of a Dunlop replacement, or a Metzler ME 880 in the same nominal size. Can you guess which one I chose? Yup, based on the majority of XLF members and their advice, I chose the Metz. Mounted, it looks like it's maybe a bit smaller than the Dunlop, but that's OK--performance trumps style every time. Another thing I discovered today is: MC tires ain't cheap these days!
I think I coulda had TWO name brand sport radials for my car for what I paid today. We never did find out what caused the puncture. No 9mm slugs were found in the carcass.
So, all in all, an interesting adventure of a day. We finished up by riding home on all the twisty back roads through the woods, so the new Metz got a good introduction to it's future life in the fast and/or twisty lane. :tour "Welcome to my world!" Half way home and we pass a guy on a Ducati coming the other way on a left hand sweeper with his knee about an inch off the tarmac. He was in no mood for any of that waving! Yahoo. Life is good.
There. So that's the story of the demise of my Dunlop and the birth of my Metzler.
The End. :clap