View Full Version : Ironhead 74 versus 75 frame/cross-tube

20th October 2009, 07:44
Can I run 74 foot controls with a 75 frame? Are the frames for 74 and 75 the same castings? Is the cross over tube the same? I want to run right side shift on my 75 (using my 73 motor and parts).

20th October 2009, 14:25
the frames are the same. the cross over for the shifter on your 75 is the cross over for the brake on 74 and earlier. you will need the 74 and earlier brake cross over shaft and lever, the rod from the shaft to the brake lever on the drum, and a mount for the brake light switch will have to be fabbed, unless you get a 74 or earlier swingarm with the switch bracket on it. i believe the brake backing plate is different also, to accomondate the cable rr brake used in 75

20th October 2009, 18:55
You also need to remove the trans to install the longer '74 and earlier shift shaft and lever.

Moon Wolf
20th October 2009, 19:48
The backing plates are different, but you can make the one you have work.