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the cowboy way
23rd October 2009, 20:43
too much for a 200 lb 14 year old ?
my son wants to ride one of my bikes
he was ridin a bycycle @ 4 and jumpin it
got him a honda 70 when he hit 8 he out grew it @ 11

what do yall brothers think


23rd October 2009, 20:48
Nah...sounds like he was born to ride, at 200lbs he should cope as long as his brain cell count exceeds his weight in pounds it will be all good :-)...I know a few kids that cannot make that ratio ;-)

My son was riding bikes and driving tractors at around 8 and he is probably a better rider then me now that he is 26...

23rd October 2009, 20:50
If he weighs in at 200 lbs I would think he'd be ok. I wouldn't let him out on the streets where he could hurt someone else but, if you've got a safe place, why not?

23rd October 2009, 20:57
They're easy to drop, even if he is 200 lbs... At 14, has he got the muscles to go with it?

23rd October 2009, 21:21
I say take him out somewhere safe, and by safe I mean where he won't find any legal trouble not sure of the laws where your at but here that's too young to be on the streets then make sure he wears gear and turn him loose! If you do be prepared for him to drop it, and if he does then you and him can rebuild it! I think its a great father and son experiance.

ryder rick
23rd October 2009, 21:40
If you have to ask us, I'd say no....

Moon Wolf
23rd October 2009, 21:43
Gee, I got my Sportster when I was sixteen and weighed about a hundred and twenty pounds. Should be no problem as long as he has a place to ride.

23rd October 2009, 23:10
if he has the skills and necessary ability to controll 750lbs of mass at speed then sure. im 170 and 19 and my 1000 isnt nearly as fast as id like, but then again i have been on motorcycles since i was ten,
my last was a 200lb dirtbike pumping out 30 hp at 8000 rpm, i bought it when i was 12 and 120lbs, it still wasnt fast enough for me even though it'd wind to 60mph in about 6 seconds or less, in the dirt lol.......
it took a LOT of work to make the cash to buy it, i think that is important, to have bought something yourself you gain a lot more respect for it than just hopping on someones bike and going (keep that in mind when either you or he buy his first bike)

but sure, if he has the sense to ride it then give him a shot at it.:tour

24th October 2009, 02:51
If you have to ask, it suggests you think some thing is wrong with what your thinking. When I was 14 my older brother jibbed me into kicking over his FXR, then when Put it in gear and started rolling he didn't stop me. I put it into the ditch not a block away from the house. Thought he was going to kill me.

25th October 2009, 00:10
If it were me, I would make him wait two years minimum...

25th October 2009, 01:32
If he has been riding all of his life, and weighs 200lb, I would probably give it a whirl in a controlled environment, like an empty parking lot. Just don't get too upset if he dumps it.

My dad let me ride his 550CC honda street bike around the JFK stadium parking lot (think Army Navy game) for the first time when I was 15.


25th October 2009, 01:44
The brain is not fully developed until the person is beyond 19 years of age. Younger than that and they are litterally incapable of joining actions and consequences together. Regardless of how large how mature he is for his age he cannot be trusted on his own, on the streets, with any motorcycle. And to be clear, it is not that he is untrustworthy, it is that at that age it is impossible due to lack of physical maturity of the brain.

the cowboy way
16th November 2011, 14:11
its been 2 years
he was 13 then
it was a drag bike without a charging system
now its street legal with a charging system
a 1980 motor in a 75 paughco frame
with a kicker
he can kick it over and we went for a 10 mile ride in the country
we live in bumf#*K TN where the deer and wild turket play
he did good considering it has a super B with a huge flat spot

16th November 2011, 14:37
Glad it all came together, & always good to hear the conclusion to a thread.:geek

Must be nice to be in a free state. At 16 my lad was allowed a 50cc restricted to 33 mph (we derisricted it to awhopping 50 and abit mph as we are iresposable parents;)

At 17 he had to have a 125cc for a while after that. Failed a theory on the bike that he subsequantly past almost the same test for the ca! He Got into the custom car scene. now at 22 talks about having another go at the Bike.

To many hoops for our young 'uns.

I here the Musick is good down your way to:D

16th November 2011, 14:55
i think ryder rick makes a good point!

only you know the cabilities of you son. more important is how you as a parent had trained him. if he was instilled with proper respect and a knowledge of riding, i would say, yes. one of the biggest concerns is not him but the ya-hoos whom he has to share the road with!

i sold a 1974 fxe to a friend of mine who went out and got himself killed along with his wife and a less than 1 yr. old baby. partly his fault but mostly the gravel bucket driver. if i would have known he would have done that, i would have never let him have the bike.

cafe carl
16th November 2011, 16:45
only you know the cabilities of you son.

+1 If I had a chance when I was 14 I'm not too sure I'd be here today. Depends on the kid. Some are ready at 14 and some are never really ready.

Bob F
16th November 2011, 16:56
now its street legal with a charging system
a 1980 motor in a 75 paughco frame
with a kicker


16th November 2011, 18:07
I started riding early (11) and when I was 13 or 14 my Dad let me ride his 1st year Yammie 350, which was a very fast bike. There were large parking lots at some old aerospace bldgs. I never dropped it but the 1st time I rode it I took it up in 4th and had a hard time stopping it before I ran out of pavement.........good days, good times with Dad...........

16th November 2011, 22:15
I got my license when I was 15 ,I worked at the yamaha shop,and rode everything in there,most notably drag racing the vmaxx (drag strip right around the corner)..

big andy
16th November 2011, 22:33
hi there i say if you think he is ready to ride a 1000 cc and he can hold her up ok its seems like him wanting to ride it shows he aint scared of it so try him on it in a safe place and see how he does where i live all the kids learn to ,drive and ride all types of stuff real early and it helps iwas riding a 750 four honda with knobby tyres around the paddock at 12 no worries had her slidin like a speed way rider dam thats a while ago anyway take care and have fun andy

16th November 2011, 22:46
Physically yes, mentally...probably not...

16th November 2011, 23:10
My first bike was a yammie 80 at 8 yrs old. By 14 I had ridden my Dad's yamaha venture royale, and at 16 him and I went from Arkansas to New Mexico with me riding his seca. Maybe I wasn't mature enough (at 15 I used to sneak out his XJ1100 at night), but I'm not sure at 40 I'm still really mature enough. The thing is my dad DID teach me motorcycle safety and how to ride with caution. 14 on a 1000-heck yeah! There are 16 year olds on the streets riding hoped up gixxers that have never even ridden before-now that is scary!

By the way, can ya tell I was raised in a yamaha family? My poor ol man, I own 2 Harleys and my brother bought a honda...

16th November 2011, 23:37
... I was 15 ... drag racing the vmaxx ...


... at 15 I used to sneak out his XJ1100 at night ...


the cowboy way
17th November 2011, 15:34
Bob F
If I could post photos
this site would be flooded with them
@ home all I can get is dial up
it takes 18 min to up load a photo and e-mail it
I have tried to post here and never has it worked

17th November 2011, 19:06
Bob F
If I could post photos
this site would be flooded with them
@ home all I can get is dial up
it takes 18 min to up load a photo and e-mail it
I have tried to post here and never has it worked

Try the local library to upload them. Make up a cd with the pics on it. And up load them to a place like photobucket. Then they will be there.

Or thats what I might do in your situation.

Oh and on your question. As a rideing partner maybe. To race his buddys alone. maybe not :)

have fun

17th November 2011, 19:37
Bob F
If I could post photos
this site would be flooded with them
@ home all I can get is dial up
it takes 18 min to up load a photo and e-mail it
I have tried to post here and never has it worked

Pics direct from a camera are usually very large. With any photo edit software you can reduce them to, say, 50K bytes and still keep detail and dimensions. Then they can upload quite quickly.

Put photo edit software free into the internet Google search [not the XLForum Google search] and you will find several.