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24th October 2009, 02:38
damper tube kit in particular. how would you know you need a new one? found one at tiawan teds but not in stock.

if you've kept up with my other posts you'll know what i'm into. 74 xlh
with a 10 in. over set of tubes. i chucked up tubes into lathe cut off 4ins.
did all the stuff needed like c-bore, thread, taper. it needs new seals, found them. got new boots comin. need snaprings but that should be a comen part. i'm also going to have to make new top plugs because i changed thread size and pitch. some other parts i don't know what their called. looks like washer with hole in center and smaller holes around out away from center.
goes on top part of damper.

24th October 2009, 14:27
I'm no expert but I can't see damper tubes needing replaced unless bent or otherwise damaged. My understanding is the damper tube functions like an orifice,controlling bleed rates of the fork's hydraulic fluid. As such its kind of a passive component.