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24th October 2009, 17:35
I am going to look at a 72 ironhead motor today that will be used in a bobber project is there a way to switch it to left side shift without using the crappy crossover that harley used.

24th October 2009, 17:38
Nope, you'll need some sort of crossover shaft.

24th October 2009, 17:39
Is there any available aftermarket kits ?

24th October 2009, 17:43
LOL! Nope, just home craftmanship. The aftermarket manufacturers are geared toward newer stuff, not our old beloved, often consider obsolete machines.

Getting used to shifting on the right isn't so bad, plus it has a vintage mistique to, and is often a great conversation piece.

You could rig up a linkage system using the brake crosover, but then you would have tof rig a rear brake system, unless you converted it to rear disc.

72 Ironhead XLH
24th October 2009, 20:38
WHY would you even want to , it`s already on the correct side.

24th October 2009, 20:44
My 72 shifts on the right and my Heritage shifts on the left. Its really not too hard going back and forth between the two.

ryder rick
24th October 2009, 20:47
I would not agree, I believe it is possible to use a long shifter shaft, plug the hole on the r outside, and change out the primary cover for the shifter on the left provisions. Trap door may need a notch for shift shaft clearance. I have not done this but I believe it is possible.

24th October 2009, 21:01
Don't think the '77 and later primary cover fits the earlier cases.

Bob F
25th October 2009, 00:11
is there a way to switch it to left side shift

Why change it?



ryder rick
25th October 2009, 02:27
Don't think the '77 and later primary cover fits the earlier cases.

Now that you mention it,- you are right the front & lower corner changed for the chain tensioner. Guess it would not be that hard to weld up a primary cover to hold a bushing and a seal for the shifter shaft to exit the left side.

25th October 2009, 02:31
It already shifts on the "right" side, why do you want to make it shift on the wrong side. Buck up and keep it where it belongs.