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1st June 2007, 11:46
just a quik note to everyone if you feel your scoota is not going as hard as it used to "it will no longer leave gsxr600"s for dead at the lights " please check your brakeing system??!!!!!!!!!

while going to work on thursday i had the uneasy feeling sumthing was up ,every time i stopped at a set of lights the front end would dive a little and just before i woke up to what was happening i pulled the clutch in and the front end nearly bottomed out and i pulled up without even using the brakes ......i turned around to look at the rear wheel and hhhooooleeeyyy sheeeett batman there was smoke pourin outa the back brake :(

it was that hot flickin a bit of spit at the rotor actualy bounced back at me !:(

ok moral of this story ..always always always check your pad's if they look close to being at minimum replace them ....what happens the piston in the caliper comes out to far and jams the pads onto the disc's ..big problems .

overheated caliper,disc,bearings,etc ....please please dont be complacent :):censor

1st June 2007, 13:38
Thanks for the warning

1st June 2007, 13:43
Funny you mention this. I changed my pads a few weeks ago. New pads are great but on Wed I noticed something slowing me down. Stopped at a light I could barely move the bike with my legs while in neutral. When the light turned green it felt way slower then normal going thru the gears. Got home and put it on the lift and discovered my new rear pads were grabbing the hell out of the disc. Had to dismantle the thing and clean it up. Much better now.

1st June 2007, 20:55
Thanks for the heads-up

1st June 2007, 21:06
holy sssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ttttttttttttttt