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Two-Bit Choppers
29th April 2005, 05:37
Hey Guys,

I posted a while back that Ironworks was doing a write-up on my black bike and it finally came out in their current issue (May/June).

Check it out here:


29th April 2005, 05:50
Congrats Justin! You deserve it.

29th April 2005, 06:09

I just got my copy tonight, funny thing is, on there web page, they have you on page 82, wile in my copy from the newstand, your on 81.

Nice bike though.

Two-Bit Choppers
29th April 2005, 06:16
Thanks guys,

We've already got a few calls from it, which is always good. I was just excited to get the exposure, and of course to see my pride and joy in living color! :D


29th April 2005, 14:24
Congrats Justin!

29th April 2005, 16:02
Congrats Justin.

She's a real sweet ride!

Two-Bit Choppers
29th April 2005, 17:05
Thanks guys!

More good news, I was actually just contacted by a publishing company that's putting together a 2006 calendar obviously with bikes and a bunch of current and former Playboy Playmates. Anyway they saw the bike at the Denver Easyriders show and want to use it. The wife isn't thrilled :D , but it will be good exposure for us. I'll keep you guys posted as to where you can pic one up.

Thanks again,

29th April 2005, 17:23
Pick what up??? A former Playboy playmate?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! :dankesaig

Congrats on the magazine spread, it looks GREAT!!!

Two-Bit Choppers
30th April 2005, 04:34
Bert, you'll be the first to know if I obtain that sensitive information! :D Like I said the wife isn't thrilled, but how great is it that I can look her straight in the eye and say having a centerfold draped over my bike is the prudent thing to do for the good of the company! :laugh I'll take a few snaps with my digital and post them up here if they'll let me.

Thanks again,

30th April 2005, 12:25
I want a centerfold :cry1


30th April 2005, 14:51
A wife or a girlfriend just has to understand a playmate on my sporty or any sporty just looks awesome.they never have a problem wanting new shoes tho-Justin congrats that is very cool,she has to understand business is business.

05 883 L
stage 1 plus goodies

Two-Bit Choppers
30th April 2005, 18:34
Now if I could just convince her that I need to personally oil the girl down to ensure the lighting is just right, you know for the sake of the business.... :D All kidding aside my wife's a saint, especially when it has come to this business venture, and I definitely wouldn't be where I'm at without her. Plus she's cool enough to let me operate with a look but don't touch policy! :D

30th April 2005, 19:12
Justin, Your wife sounds like mine. Totally supportive of the business venture. But most importantly, I have 2 simple rules to follow and that's all: 1) no tattoos where they will be seen if I have to wear a suit 2) don't have sex with other women. That's it ... everything else is okay. So if you need someone to oil the Playmates, let me know. (It's okay with my wife.) :p

30th April 2005, 19:33
Congrats on the write up Justin!!! :clap :clap :clap

Nice lookin Scoot!!!! :D

Two-Bit Choppers
30th April 2005, 23:09
Thanks Mike!

Nice site Leo! I dig those Zero Engineering rolling chassis kits.

30th April 2005, 23:47
I appreciate the compliment Justin. I've been wanting to talk to you about some custom points covers. I've seen your work and it's awesome! And how about derby covers for Sporty's ... do you do them too?

Two-Bit Choppers
1st May 2005, 00:46
Hey Leo,

I've been looking into doing some derby covers, but just haven't had the time to even get started on the programming for them. All in good time I guess. Where did you see my parts? Anyway, I've been doing a ton of custom points covers for people and other small shops here lately. Drop me an e-mail sometime and I'm sure I can help you out.

Thanks again,