View Full Version : Ironhead 72 drainplug

25th October 2009, 17:59
My primary drainplug is stripped, and it will neither back out or tighten. The head is flush with the case, so I can't get a small screwdriver between the case and the plug head. How do I get it out so I can helicoil or NPT? Help ! My head is spinning almost as easy as this frigging plug!!!!!

25th October 2009, 18:30
Left hand drill bit maybe?

25th October 2009, 20:05
Got a pic of the situation?

25th October 2009, 20:07
See if you can get some Vise grips to clamp on the hex head while giving you just enough space to get a screwdriver under the grips to pry downward while turning/wiggling the plug. Sounds like the threads have come out of the case and are holding the plug in as well.


2nd November 2009, 12:02
I gotta tell ya... I put a bead of Goop automotive adhesive/sealant all around the drain plug, and IT WORKED!!! Motored for about 225 miles this weekend and no drips!!

2nd November 2009, 12:55
ha ha, gonna leave it?

2nd November 2009, 13:01
Maybe you can hold it with vise grips or something and drill it out. J & P sells a thread repair kit for that. Good Luck..

Andy Hog
2nd November 2009, 13:16

if I had this problem, I would very carefully drill it out using different size drill bits (getting larger as you go) until you can gently tap out what is left in the hole, then heli coil.


2nd November 2009, 14:38
can't you take the primary cover off and apply pressure to the drain plug from the inside while turning from the outside?? Then you can repair the threads and have a piece of mind while riding.

2nd November 2009, 21:44
yeah, but I'll do that this winter; still got some motoring days left!!!!

3rd November 2009, 01:22
carry an extra quart of oil just in case it lets go so you can pull the fill plug and dribble oil on the primary chain to keep it lubed on the way home:wonderlan