View Full Version : Ironhead time for cosmetic surgery

26th October 2009, 21:24
hello again folk's
well again i apologise for the abscence of pics, been bit unwell.
they will be in the next post...(-:
well as you know i statically timed the bike and apart from a lot of smoke comin out of the front exhaust on start up and a very odd backfire she's runnin sweet. might leave it to a more experienced mechanic to fully time it for me.

anyway, i've decided to give her a little face lift and few minor changes.
only prob i'm having is finding parts or even a parts catalogue, ireland wouldn't be the best place for replacement parts and we only got 2 dealers.
anyway i'd like to bring the bike back as cose to original as it was in 85.

can anyone tell me what type of bars would have been on it? buckhorn?
and is there any good sites for replacement parts??? dont need much. trim and stuff like that
would like to put bigger tank on cause it's got small one on at mo.
anyway you'll see better from pics.
hope you all can help cause this is my winter project.

26th October 2009, 22:01
the usual sources should help, J&P has a vintage catalog that covers up to 84 IH. not a lot of trim stuff in there though

27th October 2009, 00:08
Best source for a parts book would be eBay. It is part number 99451-85A. You will find paper copies for about $50.00, and CD copies for about half that.