View Full Version : Rigid_EVO Want to add an extra brake light bar on my tourpac, help?

4th November 2009, 17:08
Best forum in the world here, guys! So much appreciate all that is being talked about here, thanks in advance!

Anyway, I would like to have more Brakelight visibility, not sure exactly WHAT, and definitely not sure HOW, so I need some help.

I have a large tour pac I made from HD brackets with a VIP pack. I would like to add some type of highly visible brakelight to it. LED would be preferred, but I have a '98 rigid, so I don't think I can do this, correct?

Any ideas?



4th November 2009, 17:20
Yes you can. Check out eBay for flexible LED light bars. Obviously you'd need red. I got mine for $3.00 shipped from China and wired it right into my harness. Mine is a 12 light and about 6" long. I have a 99 so it shouldn't be any different from your 98. Works like a charm and is bright as can be. I need to post pictures.

I used ShooGoo to afix it to the underside of my bobbed fender. I know, seems like it wouldn't hold. But ShooGoo is a wonderful adheasive. Dries clear, is rubbery so it absorbs vibration, and when it dried I could grab my LED bar, wiggle it, and it would wiggle the whole bike. I used this approach because I had to keep the mounting as thin as possible to avoid contact with the tire. That and I have no metal working skills what-so-ever so building any kind of bracket for it that matched the contours of the fender was out of the question.

4th November 2009, 21:31
Check out the stuff at Radiantz Hardcore Lighting (http://radiantz.com) Their LED's are super bright... Tee :smoke

Bob F
4th November 2009, 23:44
Check out these guys: http://www.hyperlites.com/