View Full Version : Search doesn't work for me

10th November 2009, 01:36
Search will only work every so often, sometimes i get a blank screen, and when i go to refresh it it tells me i must wait in between searches.
Any input on this problem?

10th November 2009, 01:46
Are you using the search at the bottom of the page?

10th November 2009, 01:59
Hey I have the same thing happen to me so I don't bother with it any more and the classified section too :laugh

10th November 2009, 02:12
The search function at the bottom of the page is much better. If you really need to search for something, go to the bottom of the page.

10th November 2009, 03:30
I want to narrow it down a bit, like doing a search in a particular section.

10th November 2009, 03:33
I want to narrow it down a bit, like doing a search in a particular section.

Use very specific keywords and you should find what you
are looking for via the search feature at the bottom
of the page.

10th November 2009, 07:50
I always use the search in the menu bar, and find it works perfectly well. You can use that to search within specific sections, and you can also search within threads.

18th December 2009, 17:24
i always get the blank white screen of death... restart the browser, no help, use a different browser... no help. you are not alone been happening to me for a few months now. once in a blue moon itll work

18th December 2009, 19:19
The white screen happens to me also, BUT only when using overly common words that are mentioned in almost every thread, like oil (e.g. fork oil). I've only tried the search in the menu bar though. I'll have to try the lower one mentioned.

18th December 2009, 19:25
Never had a white screen of death. I just scrolled down to the bottom, typed in the word 'oil' and searched. Received the normal list of hits: Results 1 - 10 of about 9,930 from xlforum.net for oil with Safesearch on. (0.30 seconds)


18th December 2009, 20:54
'oil' worked for me as well now - got the white screen when searching for 'fork oil' using the top menu search though. I'll just start using the bottom search if doesn't work with the menu search - I rarely get the white screen anyways so that's a good :D