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9th June 2007, 03:44
I have a 2005 1200C with about 900 miles that has front brake squeal. Had it to the dealer and it stopped for a while. Now it is back. Is it safe to use brake clean to address the problem?

9th June 2007, 03:49
I dont know about the cleaner but mine does the same thing I just ride it, I figure its the HD pads. I will get something else when time to replace.

9th June 2007, 03:52
The problem is the sliding calipers. Changing to a BT four piston caliper and Metal brake hose and this all goes away. And it stops. You may want to goto a Dyna single disk 9/16 master cylinder but that will require a few more parts.


9th June 2007, 04:01
Mine does this from time to time.. I seems to only do it when I stop real hard at slow speeds.

Good luck with it, I've just deal with the little noice mine makes.

9th June 2007, 04:14
It is safe to use brake clean if you'd like to clean the pads and rotor.


9th June 2007, 12:35
Brake clean will not hurt anything but the noise is caliper deflection. It gives the feeling that the harder you apply the brakes the noise gets worse and the bike does not feel that it is stoping any harder. Different pads may or may not help. Sliding calipers are never used on expensive sport bikes.


9th June 2007, 14:29
2005 1200C here and noise from my front brake too. I thought I was hitting it a little harder than the back. A couple of other XL riders said they have the same noise/sound.

9th June 2007, 15:13
If the front is working as a brake should then the rear would be almost useless. Good front brakes will transfer all of the weight to the front tire.


9th June 2007, 18:05
Thanks everyone for the info!

9th June 2007, 18:51
I've got a 2006 xl1200 roadster with the dual front disk setup and notice this front break noise constanly.

even when im just going a slow speed i can hear somthing lighty rubbing down there. I hit the brake and it sqeaks a bit.

oofda... at least people cant hear it over my pipes. hahahaha

25th April 2008, 01:56
I just picked up my new 07 883R and the front brakes don't squeal, they "ring" when applied. I have never heard this before on bikes or cars. Was looking at the new EBC floating rotors and pads. Any one have them?
Are the R calipers sliding units also?