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9th June 2007, 22:22
I finally got around to installing my Avon Venom white-wall rear tire. The previous pic I posted (and the one on the AME site) is a Photoshop white wall. The real one is wider than that.

As long as I had the tire off, I replaced the pulley and rotor (to match the front). First time I got a chance to use my Harbor Freight tire-changer. I've got to say, getting the wheel dismounted, remounted and installed is a messy job -- especially since I didn't touch my wheel adjusters. Getting the axle back in place, while the bike is balanced on a jack, while aligning the spacers, caliper, rotor, axle and wheel, in 3-dimensions, with only two hands, is a royal PITA.

Any of my South Jersey/Phila XLF friends are welcome to use my tire changer, though, if ya need it.

Finished up the job yesterday and took it out for a ride today. Miles of smiles... :tour My last -- LAST I TELL YOU -- mod for the year will be the Progressive 812's which should be here this week. That's it. No more...

The REAL Whitewall...

The Photoshop Whitewall (where's the kickstand?)...

More photos of the completed job...


hog rider
9th June 2007, 22:36
very nice! they look good on your bike.

10th June 2007, 02:15
WOW, THAT BIKE ROCKS. is she hard to steer?

10th June 2007, 03:14
Okay, that is bad-ass!

10th June 2007, 08:35
Very, very nice. I love the look.

10th June 2007, 12:18
WOW, THAT BIKE ROCKS. is she hard to steer?

Thanks. The close quarter steering, at low speeds is a little heavy. On the road, it's great -- really made a world of difference to me. A U-turn in a parking lot is a little challenging, though, but I can live with that.

henry p ratas
10th June 2007, 12:25
ASWESOME!Even if its not black henry883c for now