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12th June 2007, 06:06
I pulled the bike out of the garage to ride to work tonight, fired it up, and was getting ready while it was warming up. I noticed my headlight was out.

The bike is only 16 months old, and only has 5000 miles on it. It seems too early to have to replace the headlight already. I also just had it in the shop Friday for service too.

How long do your lights tend to last? By everyone’s post it seems SilverStars are the way to go? Any other suggestions?


12th June 2007, 06:15
Are you sure it just didn't come unplugged? Mine did one night.
I have been running the original bulb and I have a 2002 883. I do carry an extra bulb, screw diver and small flash light with me as I do 45% of my riding at night.
The small flash light idea came after the bulb came unplugged........it is easier then using passing car head lights to do work on your bike at night

12th June 2007, 07:57
I did not pull anything apart to look at it. The high beam still worked. I actually rode up to the gas station with it on, filled up, then decided to ride home and get in the car. All the other drivers were flashing me!

I'll pull it apart in the morning just to make sure.

12th June 2007, 08:11
I had to put a piece of foam behind the connector in the housing to keep it from coming off the light

12th June 2007, 23:01
Well hmmm... I pulled the orginal burb out. It looks fine, I could not see anything wrong with it. I bought a new set of Sylvani SilverStars and installed the new bulb. The same thing, no low beam, but the high beam works fine!! Does anyone know if the low and high beams are on the same fuse? I guess I'll have to take it back to the dealer.

12th June 2007, 23:12
The connector isn't melted and deformed is it? It happens quite frequently. Fortunately it is the same plug as most domestic cars, and the part is much cheaper at autozone than HD.

12th June 2007, 23:23
check the fuse?

12th June 2007, 23:25
I would think (and you probably have already figured this out) if you repalced the bulb, and the new one does the same, then chances are its not the bulb... I dont have my manual with me right now, but It seems odd that there would be any kind of a fuze for a light buld (I could be wrong though) so I would check your wiring from the switch to the bulb.. could be a bad switch also.

13th June 2007, 00:11
high and low have same fuse.

Wiring runs from fuse to switch on handlebars to headlight.

Most likely the connector, but it could be the switch.

13th June 2007, 04:04
I checked my service manual and the fuse is for all the lights, plus all the fuses were good. The only other thing it might be is I added about 6" to my wiring harness back when I did my bar change project. It's possible, but I doubt it, that one of the solder points went bad. I'll pull the tank off and check out the wiring and if it checks out I'll take it to the dealer and have them do some warrenty work.

14th June 2007, 00:00
Well I gave up and just too the bike in to the dealer. Its getting to hot for me to work on it in the gauge. It's been in the mid 90s all week, and I'm a heat pansy!

22nd June 2007, 04:15
I've replaced my lights twice in the last 2 months, 1st it was with the Silverstars, and replaced that with a phillips version. Today, I noticed the low beam out again. Checked the bulb and filament is broken.....

Anyone else having a problem with filaments breaking ?

I ran the original silverstars for over a year. with no problems.........

ANY THOUGHTS SUGGESTIONS ETC greatly appreciated !

22nd June 2007, 04:49
I've replaced mine once in 25,000 miles.....at about 24,000

BUT, mine is a 97 I bought 2 years ago with 4100 miles on it.....

We'll see how long till the next one... :dunno

If I beat 20,000 miles, I'll call it a win......:smoke