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7th December 2004, 14:36
It was a bitterly cold winter's night as I rode along the deserted road of this strange new world. Well it is not such a strange new world to us anymore, but relatively speaking it has not been this way for very long considering how long the Earth has existed. Let me tell you about it.

No one knows just how or why it happened...it just did..and it happened in the blink of an eye. Some people say it was an act of God, some say aliens, and then some say it was man's own abuse of the enviroment that caused it all, they say it was the earth or Mother Nature fighting back.

Whatever caused it I don't rightly know but I do know that they call it the day that the Earth moved. It was the day that all of Earth's land masses clumped together creating one huge mass of land like a gargantuan island surounded by one ocean. Almost as if all the continents of the world where iron and someone placed a huge magnet over what was once the Atlantic ocean. And it happened a year ago to this day!!!

Life as we knew had changed.

On the day that it happened all work ceased as all buildings on the Earth were were destroyed and over three quarters of the worlds population was either killed or sucked under the ground...never to be seen again.

After a nearly a week and a half the dust settled and I came out from under the jumble of bricks and wood that I once called my home to find that everyone in my city to include my own family had perished in the greatest disaster the Earth had ever experienced.

I could not believe what my eyes saw...the city was just....gone, the Odenwald forest and hills that surround Heidelberg....gone. Nothing but flat for as far as the eye could see.

I looked into the sky with tears rolling down his face and screamed in a tribal yell, "WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!", and fell to my knees and blacked out from exhaustion, thirst and hunger.

I do not know how long I laid there it could have been a few minutes but was probably more like a 3 or 4 hours.

When I came to I had know idea what to do other then find some fresh water and something to eat. For the last week I have been eating nothing but SPAM and beans that I keep stored in the basement.

Thank God I was in the basement getting my motorcycle helmet when the disaster happened. Or maybe it would have been a blessing if I had been above ground.

With thrist and hunger twisting my belly and mind I scanned what was left of what was once a street with homes and families when suddenly I see her...Dirty Debbie...my Sportster laying on her side under a collapsed shed.

I stumbled over and through the rubble to to get to her and pull the twisted wood off and straighten her back up.

I hopped on her and the keys are still in her. Right where I left them before going down to the basement over a week ago.

I move my shaking hand down to the key and turn.

The lights come on and I hear that familiar sound as the speedometer goes through it's diagnostics. I think to myself, "So far, so good", and say a silent prayer that she will still start.

I put the ignition switch to run and hit the start button.


She starts!!!!

One good thing in what is now a desolate place called Earth.

I am hungry and need food. I back Debbie up and point her in the direction of where the Aldi's once was. Maybe it is still there. If not maybe I can dig through the rubble for some food.

I give my Sporty a little gas and carefully start off down the road. Not know just how much life on Earth has changed and not even a clue if anyone else has survived....

8th December 2004, 12:29
The ride to Aldi's not as easy as I thought it would be. Trees, garbage, wrecked cars, flattened houses, you name it, was erverywhere and I could not really find a road. So I pointed Debbie in the general direction of where Aldi's is, or at least used to be, and made my way.

As I rode I could not get over the view of the destruction and I kept thinking I would see someone or heard the familier noise of kids playing. I saw a few stray dogs and they quickly ran away when they saw me approuching.

Finally I reached the Aldi's in about 15 minutes. Normally this trip would only take about two minutes and as I figured Aldi's was flat.

I put the jiffy stand down walked over to the flattened building...

14th December 2004, 10:45
The little kid rime keeps playing in my head , and they all fall down. Cept this time it wasn’t London bridges it was the whole dang planet. “Fall of the World” was the name I personally gave the name of the catastrophe that befell us all. Man I sound like a stupid sci fi weenie or a bad reporter or both, heck even they did not see this coming. No one did. Damit it wasn’t supposed to happen, heck even all of the scifi weenies said it was way out of reality. It could not happen, ever not ever ever. Geez I remember the news people touting how sure everyone was about the stability of the core. Molten iron or something like that. Very stable and would last a few billion more years more than I cared to think about not that it would have done much good anyway. I mean how would we have stopped or prevented it? Answer we wouldn’t have. That movie called “the core” was just that a stupid over rated scifi fantasy, I mean who ever heard of unabtainium, people actually thought it could be done, can you imagine that and did I mention stupi…oh why do I even bother to think about it. Its over and done with and no one left gives a crap anyway. Well one things for sure, parts and gas are gonna be a be-yotch in the future. Everything is flat as a pancake and is some cases flatter than that. Ok flat is flat I get it. Man I gotta stop talking to myself its getting annoying. Food, I need food anything canned or dried like noodles that can last a while. I know there are at least three or four stores around that should have food that survived. Since I am only one of about 12 people that made it in this area I should be ok unless they get there before me. Ive seen a few more around but they usually take off when I come near. Those I have met all agreed to sorta share things but who knows how long that will last when supplies start to get low. Winter is coming on and I gotta start stocking up. 12 people, hmm kinda biblical really, next thing it will be 40 days and nights they wondered the rubble piles in search of anything the could freakin use.

Most of the roads are not very straight any longer and those that are ride like a roller coaster. I managed to find a set of off roadish type tires at the crushed Harley dealer in what used to be Hochenhein, dang no racing anymore. You know the old 1970s types, lotta cuts in the tread so the rocks fly out and hit your buddy riding behind you. No racing there anymore, crap. Actually the “whats left” of the Harley dealer is mine now, no one else seems to care for whats there cept Billy and we share everything now more than before. Shoot I guess I own it all by default. Unfortunately most of the bikes were crushed in the “fall of the world”.

Locating gas or some kind of alcohol I can mix with water to keep it runnin is another thing to worry about. SO do I drink the booze or run the bike on it. Well I’ll answer that one later. Headlights broke but I don’t really need it as ridin at night is way to dangerous what with the wild dogs. Those that are left have been eating dead people and what ever they could get their teeth on, tame is something they are not any longer. Got the old uzi for self defense if en I need it. Man why am I talking like a goon. Yeah baby I hear yah just let me get some supplies and we will go looking around and see what else is out there. Food I gotta get some food.

15th December 2004, 22:21
I must have dozed off for a few hours.My stomach is killing me and I can't remember the last time I had anything decent that I could call "food".Noticing that the boots I had been wearing where missing a part of the sole on the left boot I decided I had better try and find some more usable clothing.God knows I'll need it.I headed out hoping that Debbie would hold up until I could find a place to hole up and collect my thoughts and regroup to come up with a plan.Suddenly out from behind what appeared to be just a heap of scorched and twisted metal a lone wolf jumped out in front of the bike leaving me no way out but to try and lay it down without too much damage.With only a split second before running out of road I cut the bars to the left and and pitched my weight over at the same time hoping I would'nt get too banged up.

15th December 2004, 23:20
Luckily the wolf got spooked by the screeching, sparking metal and ran off. When I picked up the bike I had dented the tank and broken the clutch lever. CRAP. I hope the HD dealer has one in stock. So, I get it pop started and make my way over. Of course they don't have one so I had to butcher up a Fat Boy to make mine work. It's night now so I figure I' ll get a few z's and hunt for some gas and grub in the morning when it's light out. Hopefully I'll be safe here for the night. They have a broken vending machine but at least there's a few candy bars for some sugar energy to get me through.

16th December 2004, 09:16
The night time never used to bother me but I keep having visions of mad max, damnation alley and a whole host of bad B movies about the end of the world that keep haunting my sleep such as it is. Every little noise makes me think there is some crazy nut case that escaped form god knows where and is out to seek revenge on me. I always hated having an over active imagination but then it did get me the last job I had. My Uzie is always on me, no I mean physically on me. I adapted one off those high speed chest harnesses to hold it just so. All I have to do is pivot, point and pull the trigger. My saddle bags hold mostly ammo and energy bars. They never go bad which is kinda scary. I wonder what they are made out of. Oh well what doesn’t kill you makes you…...…what the hell was that? Oh crap here we go again.

16th December 2004, 18:34
Being very carefull to stay as low as possible I slowly turned around to see if I could locate where the sound had come from.There they where.....the most amazing creatures I had ever seen.

17th December 2004, 10:31
I must have seemed really stupid to them, I felt like it was a comedy, looked at em, rubbed my eyes, looked at em again and yes rubbed my eyes again looked at em yet again and shook my head so hard I thought my eyeballs would fall out and roll on the dirt. But they were still there and it didn’t look like they were gonna go away anytime soon. Geez they were funny lookin. But I can't tell if they are happy, sad, mad, hungry. Man if they are that last one what the hell do they eat. Prolly suck your brains out of your nose or some stupid thing like that. It's bad enough the whole freakin world is mostly dead and flat as a pancake and now this crap. Oh man, oh man o man o man.

The bike is still warm so it should fire right up. I would have to take a two big steps, jump on and turn the key still in the ignition, since there was no reason to worry about it being stolen any longer. Hit the gas and worry about turning on the flashlight I had strapped to the handle bars for night ridin since the headlight was broken. All in all that should take about 4 seconds, 3 if I don't pis myself first or on the way to the bike. They don’t look that fast and If I am quick enough they won’t know what I am doing until it is to late, course I don’t know how fast they can move. Damn this sucks. Smile, try to look inocent, take a deep breath, OK on the count of three… one…….two ……thr

18th December 2004, 05:40
THREE! I jump on, fire it up and almost in one continuous motion have it in gear, let out the clutch and throw gravel all over what ever they are, leaving them, and what used to be a town, behind me. I ride south... well it seems like south. It's really hard to tell nowadays, on this twisted, mishapen earth. And the sky! What I wouldn't give to actually see the sky! Ever since IT happened, the sky has been this wierd shade of gray-brown. It would only get lighter in the daytime, with no clue as to where the sun actually was in the sky. Compasses are worthless! I had one but the only thing it would point at was me! I try not to think about what that could mean, and I've got more important crap to worry about! I have to find a warmer climate! It's already cold here and it's only going to get colder. So that means south! (I HOPE!) After what seems like an hour of riding, dodging chuckholes and those damn dogs I see this long cylindrical shape in the darkness off to my right. It seems familiar somehow... could it be? I slowed down, turned the bike around and aimed my ever weakening flashlight at the form. There it was...laying on it's side. A fuel tanker. With a red diamond shaped marking on one end. I read the numbers on the placard. "1203" Oh man! Gasoline! My heart was racing! And then I thought, You dumb ass! Even if this truck is full of useable fuel, it's only what you can carry that matters. First things first, see if there's anything in it, AND is it any good!

18th December 2004, 18:19
Man what the hell are those things they are still creeping me out man way out. Are there more of em out there I mean out here, I mean oh hell I don’t know what I mean anymore. Tanker looks to be intact must a fell over when the quake hit, only a little leakage. Sound like a freakin plumber. Hmm now to get the gas out of it with out wearing it. Better check out the cab or the Home of the road warriors. Man I gotta stop this corny internal dialogue but actually I think its keeping me sane…for now.

Got another flashlight, rope, rubber hose, assorted smut books, go figure, now that’s all I need right now another distraction. Practically new backpack full of shower gear with the usually .357 Mag 6 inch barrel and 100 rounds of ammo. This dude must a new I was commin, I like him all ready. I can’t believe I actually found a 2 gallon tank in the cab, you know one of those little emergency kind, but what would a long haul trucker be doing with this thing? Who’d a thunk it as, dear ole dad used to say. A tanker caring a spare fuel tank. Yeah who’d a thunk it.

Shouldn’t take but a few to fill er up same with the spare tank and strap it to the bike. Which way to go. Any way south heads me into the Alps and they are surely covered with snow. Heck I’m not even sure that they are there any longer as flat as it is around here. Better go south and east to start, Spain, Portugal, maybe Italy, always did like those dark skinned babes. Dang I gotta keep my stupid head in one place, food, fuel, clothing then women. Not how it used to be though not at all……