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17th June 2007, 02:27
OK... so I bought a set of forward controls from someone on the forum. They came, I checked 'em out, and found there was not shift lever (shift lever was retained by previous owner to accomodate their set up) so I ordered one from my local indepenent. Took two weeks, but then I was in no hurry. Finally got the shift lever and did the change today. Kinda a pita to make the change, but it could have been worse. did remove the rear pipe to facilitate removal of the front sprocket cover. And I did not remove the foot peg mount to install the right side bracket. A tight fit to say the least. Got the right side done and wasn't as bad as I caught. Went to do the shifter side and found the new lever will not accept the old shcs from the mid shifter. I guess the original shifter was 1/4-20 and the new shifter is 5/16-18 thread. So I have a bolt temporarily in until I can get a replacement. Then removed the stock left side foot peg...the two bolts that hold it on are 5/16-18 x 3" long shcs. And I did not have anything shorter...so washers stacked to cover the slack until I get proper bolts. So once I got these temporary fixes in place, there seems to be a bit of slop in the shifter. Could this be a worn bushing? Should there be slop there?
So my question is.... slop or not? Anyone had any issues with changes such as these and had fasteners issues??

18th June 2007, 03:42
Denny, I 've got forward controls on mine ,they are stock. I've had a little slop in mine also. I've never checked to see if the bushing can be replace but I do slide mine off and grease it a couple time a year. I've also found some rubber o- rings that I fit between the lever and take up some of the slack and vibration.

18th June 2007, 03:55
i put the forward controls from my wife's 03 on my 96. don't recall any issues with the fasteners. it was a pain working one side then the other....took a while. the spline on the mid control shifter was on there pretty good but finally got it off. no issues w/ slop in the shifter.

19th June 2007, 02:04
Bruce.... what size o-rings did you use? I'm thinking of pulling the shifter off in the next few days if it rains and check to see if there is any wear. I have some good waterproof wheel bearing grease I used in the dirt bike racing days I'll prolly lube up the shifter.
I just wasn't sure if there should be some slop or not...it appears we may have a bit out of the ordinary. A trip to the dealer and some calipers may give me a good idea if it is worn.

19th June 2007, 03:38
Denny,, I really can't tell you what size. I've got an old o-ring kit from work that I tried a size till it fit good. You can probably find one at the hardware store. It was close to 1" in dia. and about 1/32 thick, I used one on each side of the lever for the shifter and brake, Make sure the brake side is not to tight , it will not return and keep brake light on.