View Full Version : Clutch slipping??

9th May 2005, 11:29
After installing a new clutch cable on my E-84 and adjusting the clutch for the third time I have just about had it. It will turn the rear tire (on plywood) with the front tire on a wall but when I get to 30-35 (on the road) it begins to slip under power. The more I adjust it out, the harder it goes into gear and actually wants to take off, and still slips. I used sport trans fluid and have absoluetly no problems with my 96 that I just changed the cable on that too.. Any suggestions?? I went with a set of drag bars and a stock length cable which seems kind of long but I dont think that should have an effect on the clutch itself.. lookin for help..Thanks

9th May 2005, 13:00
I would sugest removing the clutch pack entirely and inspecting it....

How bad is the wear on the basket?????

measure to total clutch pack height as per the manual.....the 4 speeds are VERY critical on stack height as the spring only has a small amount of throw....

9th May 2005, 16:28
I just replaced the lower end bearings and I do know that the bike rode fine when I bought it, so I dont actually know what the basket situation is. All I did was remove the assembly and reinstall it to have this issue. So..back on the lift we go.. and up dates to follow.. thx. Any more help will be appreciated

13th May 2005, 01:33
Silly me....we destroyed the rear turn signal as well...many pieces.. :clap

13th May 2005, 02:21
did you measure the clutch pack height??????????????

13th May 2005, 02:30
ya know I sure didnt.. forgot all about it. Thats ok seeing as the shop has thirteen gaskets in stock I will have lotso practice. Still have the 96 to ride. Damn I knew I forgot something..

Chris B.
15th July 2005, 19:15

Damn dude, that sucks :censor . Mine almost came off the stand once, scared the hell out of me. Had my wife not been right there I would not have saved it. I was sitting on the floor in the front working with the fender trying to push the tire through and she about went ass over tea kettle to the rear without any tires on her... Again, Sorry man. I can only imagine the pit in your stomach seeing that bike on the ground. :yikes

15th July 2005, 19:27
Double dam dude, :yikes did you have the bike secured down on the lift when it fell?
I replaced the clutch cable on my 79 on fathers day. It would slip out of second before I blew the cable and it still slips out of second. Being as old as it is I would imagine that for mine I will need to do some more work inside the primary housing. Will have to wait for the proper time money wise.