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20th June 2007, 16:47
i have not been able to ride my bike for the past two weeks, it has been covered in my drive way. well, i took the cover off to move the bike, and my front break lever is making a "squeeking" sound. is this something i should be concerned about?

thanks for any input

20th June 2007, 16:56
a squeak is usually not good - usually means something is rubbing when it should be sliding. It may be your lever needs lubing or the master cylinder may need rebuilding. I'd sat you should try ttofigure out what it is for safety sake.
Good Luck

20th June 2007, 17:13
Does it work as it is supposed to?

Hot Rod Sporty
20th June 2007, 17:13
Two words,,,


My clutch lever started doing the same thing. It was the cable squeaking. Just lubricate it from time to time....

20th June 2007, 17:14
Both my levers, Clutch and Brake have squeeked after getting caught in rain.
I use liquid graphite on the pivot pins, hold the clutch in and let some
drip into the cable.

Works for Me

20th June 2007, 18:15
thanks for the replies, i think it is within the piston cap/ piston from the follwing scan from the service manual

the front brake works when walking it around the drive way, but i have not yet taken it on the street...

i will try the penetrating oil on the pivots. i hope this is not a big deal

here is a link to my gallery for the pic if the link doesn't work