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8th December 2004, 07:11
Help me, I am going nuts. I see all of these people buying these Dyna's and Softails. I 95% in town. Some day trips with local groups. I fit best on a Sporty and I really love the way that it rides and feels for my size. Is there any real reason to buy a bike that is way bigger than I need. I have a 2004 883C and maybe one day buy a 1200C but not anytime soon. The big twins I feel is just too much of a good thing for my uses. Give me your opinions please. Also could I go on long distance trips with the 883c. I dont ride two up. Also the cost of a Big Twin is way more than I want to spend.

8th December 2004, 07:31
There are a number of reasons why people ride sportys. Some choose them because they [the person] is small [a girl?] and they fit the bike nicely. Some buy them because they want a Harley and it is the only one they can afford. Others because they consider the Sporty to be the ideal image of a motorcycle. Still others know the history of the bike and want it for historically romantic reasons.

I bought mine because i have friends, very good friends, who all ride Sportys and i want to share my motorcycle life with them. Also they are affordable for me whereas a BT would not be. And although i prefer a big bike [Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 was my previous ride] i find the Sporty plenty big and heavy enough to pass big trucks on a windy day. A comfy ride at 90 MPH, with more to come.

Since i became a Sporty owner i have learned some things about it's history as a racing bike, as King [not Queen!] of the Road for many years. I enjoy the bike all the more because of this.

Finally, all the best people ride Sportys. There you go.

8th December 2004, 07:35
Money is a big factor in buying and running a Big twin as they cost a lot more tp purchase and a hell of a lot more to midify than a Sporty.

The other big factor is size, a lot of people find them too unwieldy (even the Dynas are around 40 kg heavier) and not as manoeverable on the twisties.

Performance used to be a factor (and still is if you exclude the v-rod and SE specials) and for a long time Sporters were the fastest of the Harley range.

Sportsers, generally have a better power to weight ratio than the Big Twins.

Your best bet would be to stick with the 883 and maybe later uprate it to a 1200.

8th December 2004, 07:46
Like IronMick I had many bikes before my Sportster...the last two were big metric cruisers and I found that they just weren't fun unless I was touring long distance...being a working stiff, reality is I can work in maybe one, possibly two long trips a year and the rest of my riding is daily romps after work and day trips on weekends, with a whole weekend as a treat sometimes...the Sportster fits the bill for me so much better than the baggers and cruisers! Besides all the good reason IronMick posted, the Sportster is so versatile you can make it a cafe racer, sportbike, cruiser, and as you'll see in this forum, a dual sport! It all comes down to what YOU want, but for a lot of us it's apparent we have found the ultimate bike for us...not to say we can't add to our fleet, but the Sportster will be the main ride! Good luck in your decision!

8th December 2004, 08:11
I have a FLHR and really, it doesn't get much time anymore. I love that bike, I'll never sell it. It's the bike of choice for the long trips mostly cause I have the tour pack and I can carry lots of crap and lock it all up. But my sportster really reminds me of the bikes I drove growing up. I aslo like the fact that the sportster is so much easier to handle in traffic. Now that mine is converted I wake up wanting to go and ride it.

There are crowds that you can end up with that will give you all kinds of grief about riding a sporty. If you end up with that crowd and can't take the heat buy the dyna. My best bud used to poke that stuff at me but once I showed up with my 03 he kinda got the point. He's ridin a buell now.

8th December 2004, 13:12
Thanks folks for the info. I think that I will be a Sporty rider for a long time and maybe forever.

Joe S.
9th December 2004, 06:00
Sure theres a reason to buy a TC88. I have a Dyna and the '05 XL1200R. Both are fine machines in their own right.
I don't think anyone should ever feel they somehow have a lesser bike because they have a Sportster, they simply have a different bike, perhaps one that more serves their needs. Many people will indeed buy a Sportster and move up to a big twin for a variety of reasons. The only good reason I can think of though is because it is simply what you want to do.
My personal feeling at this point is that i enjoy the dyna more on longer rides because its a bit more stretched out and I like the slightly more long legged feel of the bigger engine over a long day. I will also say though that I have spent a lot of time (and dollars) tailoring my dyna in this regard. I don't have enough experience with the Sportster to know how it would work out just yet (I believe pretty well) but my purpose in buying it is different and it will be set up with a different focus in mind.
I think the 1200r has a much livelier, lighter feel to it and the engine has a snappier characteristic to it. My dyna I believe will outrun it in roll ons but I can't swear to that, its just a seat of the pants feeling. It should, the dyna has a fair amount of engine work done to it, the 1200, is at this point stock. But what does that matter, my SV1000 will blow either one of them off the road and that is a fact, these things are all relative and the real question should be is it fun to ride in the type of riding you like to do.

9th December 2004, 11:17
No! There is absolutely no reason to buy a TC88! :D :D :D

I am very happy with my Sporty! :p

Thats my personal opinion! ;)

9th December 2004, 11:51
Hey David just read your own post, you answered the question yourself already.

9th December 2004, 13:06
No! All bikes, other than Sportsters should be banned from production, with the exception of a few cute little motor scooters.

9th December 2004, 15:30
billyforpresident, your a hoot :urock but if they banned all other types of bikes then everyone would be riding sportys and then they wouldn't be a girls bike (unless they were pink) and also we wouldn't be the "kool" ones

9th December 2004, 16:22
I might buy a BT someday when I can afford it but I won't sell the sporty. I've loved these bikes since I was a kid. Of course they were Ironheads back then. An iron head might be my next bike instead of a BT.

Of course you can go on long trips. The engins is more than capable. I don't know how old you are but just check what guy's were riding 30 and more years ago and they didn't think their bikes were too small. Your 883 puts out about the same horses as an old FLH 1200 shovel and these bikes toured fully dressed and would run two up. their power to weight ratio was much poorer than the 883. Don't sweat it. Figure out how you are going to attach your gear and go! It is great fun travelling with the wind in your face than behind a windshield.

9th December 2004, 17:01
I've had friends who have thought nothing of touring the U.S. on 350cc machines (back when Billy was a kid)...one even went coast to coast on a 175cc! I'd say unless you're "Ironbutting" it on a trip, just grab a bike you can bond with and go...be sure to stop and smell the flowers!

10th December 2004, 02:48
Now,go to a big twin site and ask the same question.LOL

10th December 2004, 02:57
very doable on a sporty, even on a non-rubber mount.
mine is set up for it, but is also a great in town or a twisty ride.
you can always convert yours to a 1200.

10th December 2004, 03:30
Very nice mods on your red Sporty.

Barry Clark
23rd December 2004, 05:20
I bought my Sporty because it performs well, fits my vision of a bike and my 6'-1" frame fits very comfy on it.

23rd December 2004, 23:31
Well, let's face the facts. There are TC88s (Twinkys), Sportsters (Quad-cams) and there are V-Rods (Metrics).

24th December 2004, 00:09
(back when Billy was a kid

When Billy was a kid, motorcycles had yet to be invented. :shhhh :laugh

I wrecked on a BT in 68. After a one year lay off my dealer convinced me to test ride a Sportster. I never looked back. To satisfy my travelling bug I installed the 2005 883L BARS, a quick detach windshield, highway pegs and saddle bags. IMHO it's the best all around bike in the world and the best dollar for dollar value in bikedom (bikedom?)

It doesn't get any better than that..

24th December 2004, 01:48
I have a 20 x 24 garage I can see no reason why not to buy a bt and maybe a buell got plenty of room for more toys

24th December 2004, 02:08
I don't have the money. I was thrilled that I could get a real Harley for under $10k. I rode it to work this morning (my last day at the job, will start at a new job Jan 3). It was 11 deg. F but the bike ran great. On the way home I was thinking how nice the bike feels and how good it makes me feel riding it. Isn't that what it's all about? Yes, I have other Harley owners asking me when I am going to get a bigger bike. Theirs cost more than twice as much as mine. I have no trouble keeping up with them. The only reason I would have for "upgrading" would be to impress them. I'm sorry but my finances are a big mess as it is, I don't need another $400 monthly payment just to impress people.

2004 883>1200 Custom

24th December 2004, 02:15
I don't have the money. The only reason I would have for "upgrading" would be to impress them. I'm sorry but my finances are a big mess as it is, I don't need another $400 monthly payment just to impress people. Doug 2004 883>1200 Custom

Nothing is as refreshing as honesty and I appreciate this kind. I think you speak for a lot of us who consider ourselves darn fortunate to be riding... and a Sporty at that. I too have no desire to increase my monthly outgo.


24th December 2004, 14:51
Huh? I thought all us Harley riders were rich yuppies.

24th December 2004, 15:16
There are a lot of yuppies riding harleys (here in germany, dont know if its the same in US) And exctly this people i hate. They cant fix their bikes themselves, and ride only when the weather is perfect to show themselfs and feel like a badass they dont are. :D
Back to theme. I personally like the tc88 very much, and i plan to buy one in 2005 if my business runs as good as this year. But belive or not, i hope i can keep the sporty also.

24th December 2004, 16:10
You own one of the finest motorcycles in the world! The Heritage of the Sportster goes back 'UNBROKEN' to 1957...and a couple years before that with the Flathead engine 'K' Models. The Sportster is the backbone of the Harley line. Sales of the Sportster model kept the Factory in business while it developed further the Big Twin model range and allowed the now popular Evo line of Heritage Softails and Dynas to grow. No other motorcycle made can match the Harley Sportster for versitility....Stocker, Street Racer, Custom, Tourer, Rat Bike, Bobber, Chopper, Cafe Racer and Drag Bike.....The Sportster not only performs well in all these configurations but it looks damned good doing them!! With its slimline frame, BIG American V-Twin engine and brute good looks the Sportster is everything a motorycle should be and what many foreign manufacturers still can't match. I can't imagine not owning a Sportster. I own other motorcycles, but the Sportster is my favorite. At 49 yrs old, I still feel like 17 every time I throw my leg over my 74 XLCH. I never tire of hearing its unique exhaust note and always want to jump back on it the moment I shut it down and get off. As for Harley's Big twins....I like Big old Caddys cause their smooth cruising down the highway, but I'd rather be behind the wheel of a Hot Rod or Corvette any day...and THE SPORTSTER IS THE ORIGINAL HOT ROD ON TWO WHEELS!!.......AIN'T NOTHING FINER!

24th December 2004, 19:47
who said anything about impressing anybody if thats why you ride to impress your buddies you need a new hobby. whats the problem with somebody having 2 or 3 bikes . I know all about having finances that are in shambles been there done that and I hope you soon can enjoy great financial reward. nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor and you have a good start with your sporty but please dont isinuate that if a person can afford more than one bike or more than one car they are assholes

24th December 2004, 21:05
If you get off a 1200 and onto a 88TC I think you'll find the BT real slow, no zip and no snap on surge of power at all. And above 70mph seems like the engine is doing a lot of rpm's. To just sit back and cruise across the flat lands it is probably more comfortable, but everywhere else, sort of like a big truck with a small V-6. IMO anyway.

24th December 2004, 21:35
panhead , you made it. I thought we lost ya in the move , glad your here

24th December 2004, 21:38
Thanks, glad to be back, ya, I got real lost in the big move, still groping around to see where what is. Nice hearing from ya Flathead45.

24th December 2004, 21:40
ya , its kinda like turning the lights off and rearranging the furniture don't know what ya're gonna bump into

24th December 2004, 23:44
:smoke There are positives to both BTs and sportys. While I miss 1st and 2nd gear on the sporty among other things like its lean profile and cornering, with the BT I enjoy the smooth ride and the low center of gravity. I will get another sporty in the spring for short hops, but with a bad back I can ride more and longer with the Fatboy. And, yes, being the yup as*hole (not really a yup - too old - just an as*hole I guess) I just might get a 3rd bike after the 2nd. I've worked hard, made money, and I'm gonna spend it! And, yes, sportys are quicker, but not all BTs are trucks either. . .let's not get carried away!

Long live sportys!

A*shole Lefty

25th December 2004, 00:39
A few days ago I crossed to the dark side and decided to get a softtail. Just afterwards, in a moment of insanity, I signed on for another 12 months in Baghdad. I figure that will earn me a second bike, a 1200S. Then we'll see which one gets more attention.

25th December 2004, 06:18
I have a 1200C and to me you get more bang for the buck, my 1200 looks better than any of the lower end dynas, with more stock chrome and the price is just not worth it to me to buy a bigger bike just because its bigger.

25th December 2004, 06:35
A few days ago I crossed to the dark side and decided to get a softtail. Just afterwards, in a moment of insanity, I signed on for another 12 months in Baghdad..

Good for you bud. We all appreciate what you are doing.:usa2 :clap
Sorry to hear about the softail though. ;)

25th December 2004, 16:49
A few days ago I crossed to the dark side and decided to get a softtail. Just afterwards, in a moment of insanity, I signed on for another 12 months in Baghdad. I figure that will earn me a second bike, a 1200S. Then we'll see which one gets more attention.
I have a brother in afghanistan and hope all of you heros soon return home its an honor to send this reply . keep your powder dry and your head down god bless america and all of our fighting men

25th December 2004, 20:28
i can ride any bike i want.cash is no problem.i ride a sporty because personally i like it the most.

26th December 2004, 18:47
I've been pretty lucky. For the second year in a row I've gotten home for Xmas. My wife was a big deciding factor for the softail. She's decided as soon as I'm able she will be glued to the back of the bike waiting to hit twisties in the Rockies. I'm a medium/big guy and we just fit better on the softail. The follow-on 1200S will be for single riding.

Happy Holidays to our troops everywhere and our contractors overseas.

26th December 2004, 19:00
I personally think the XL1200C is one of the best looking Harley's out there. I can't see spending the extra money on a Dyna or Softail, except if you absolutely need the EFI.