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4th July 2007, 18:58
I recently joined a band.....Drummer, Bassist, 2 guitarists (myself and another)

Drummer and myself sing leads and backups...other guitarist also sings some...

Here's what we are working on right now....(mostly classic rock stuff)

Beautiful Wreck- Shawn Mullins
Girl Like you- Smithereens
Cuts like a knife- Bryan Adams
Fkn Up- Neil Young
Shakin- Eddie Money
Several songs by Eric Clapton
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers- ZZ Top
Day Tripper- Beatles
Victim of Love- Eagles
Jenny- Tommy Two Tone
Talking in your sleep- Romantics

I sing lead on all of these....so that gives you an idea of my range....I don't have a REAL high voice, but I do ok....Drummer has a bit higher range....

What I need is some suggestions for favorite songs to hear when you're out hearing a band.....

I write down good stuff when I hear it on the radio, but the more suggestions the better....

This should be fun...and you'd be helping out a member besides...

Thanx in advance for your suggestions....I'll let you know which ones make the list!

PS, we don't have a name either...feel free to make a suggestion for that too!

4th July 2007, 20:29
:bump :bump :bump

Help a brother out, willya?


4th July 2007, 20:34
Play Freebird man! :)

And there's your name The "Freebirds". lol j/k What baout some Stones "Dead Flowers"

4th July 2007, 20:35
Play Freebird man! :)

And there's your name The "Freebirds".

Bad name..... :laugh

But that's one of the songs NOONE wants to do, but is a staple...HAS to be in the lineup...THANX!

4th July 2007, 20:47
Me and my Uncle, by the Dead....the greatful ones.

4th July 2007, 21:10
Born To Be Wild !
Monster, also by Steppenwolf, if your politics are not too conservative.

4th July 2007, 21:45
Simple Man by Skynard
Takin' Care of Business by Bauchman Turner Overdrive
Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger
Suspicious Minds by Elvis
American Pie by Don McClean(spelling?)

4th July 2007, 22:11
Here's some I like, if you don't know the artist and need on a song, pm me.
Against the Wind
Bad Company
City of New Orleans
Cover of the Rollin' Stone
Don't Stop Believin'
Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Double Vision
Feel Like Makin' Love
Fire Down Below
First Cut is the Deepest
Glory Days
Hollywood Nights
House of the Rising Sun
Hurts So Good
Iron Man
Jack & Diane
Jose Cuervo
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
Maggie Mae
Nights in White Satin
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
One Toke Over the Line
Radar Love
Shook Me All Night Long
Smoke on the Water
Stairway to Heaven
Start Me Up
Still The Same
Straight From The Heart
Take It On The Run
Turn The Page
Walk This Way
Wheel in the Sky
Wild Thing
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
You Give Love a Bad Name
You've Got a Friend

7th July 2007, 07:04
One more bit of advice...More cowbell

Moved On
10th July 2007, 06:21
Ya gotta do some NY Dolls... that's just what I was jammin on in the truck this
afternoon so it's in my head, might not be the right style though :dunno


10th July 2007, 06:35
Ya gotta do some NY Dolls... that's just what I was jammin on in the truck this
afternoon so it's in my head, might not be the right style though :dunno

GazzaWho wouldn't love Stranded In the Jungle?:banana

10th July 2007, 23:15
black rebel motorcycle club; six barreled shotgun


sounds bad so heres a similar song by BRMC to


13th July 2007, 02:03
I want to thank everyone for the suggestions....

Keep'em comin!

We have a guest spot next week (after only 6 rehearsals!)

Here's the set list, in order:

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers- ZZ Top
Cuts Like a Knife- Bryan Adams
Jenny (867-5309)- Tommy Two-Tone
Ohio- Neil Young
Rockin in the Free World- Neil Young
Talkin in Your Sleep- Romantics
Girl Like You- Smithereens
Cocaine- Eric Clapton's version....which will be a big Jam with the other band...Father and son drum team...one left handed (ours, the Dad) and one right handed...(the son), and a Father and TWO sons on guitars, as well as our two (myself included)

Here's some songs that are working out, and will make this list eventually...

Lay Down Sally- Eric Clapton
Dreams I'll never See- Molly Hatchet
Fkn Up- Neil Young
Shakin- Eddie Money
Beautiful Wreck- Shawn Mullins
Miracle Man- Elvis Costello
Hey Bullfrog- The Beatles
Jailbreak- Thin Lizzy
Eminence Front- The Who
Day Tripper- The Beatles...
Hurts so Good- John Mellancamp

As I said...SOOOO many songs.....I love the ideas....and some of yours WILL make the "try" list....Keep'em comin!


P.S. I'll probably record the gig, and if it doesn't suck too bad, I'll post it! I can see my "My Space" site getting much busier!

13th July 2007, 02:09
You gotta do some Tom Petty.

13th July 2007, 02:11
You gotta do some Tom Petty.


Gimme some song suggestions....Remember...4 piece band....no keys...:(

13th July 2007, 02:22
"Last dance with Mary Jane", it's great live. The crowd loves it and my lead player does the harmonica parts on his guitar. Nobody even cares.

13th July 2007, 02:36
"Last dance with Mary Jane", it's great live. The crowd loves it and my lead player does the harmonica parts on his guitar. Nobody even cares.

I'm sure I can play the harp part...I have a half dozen of them, just in case....

GREAT suggestion....

We've mentioned it, but it never made a list....it has now....:D

15th August 2007, 03:47
Just to keep you up-to-date, here is a list of songs that we are doing right now....

We're close to 1/2 of our first goal.....60 songs...enough to just barely play a night by ourselves....

Let me know what you like/hate... :D

Jenny Jenny- Tommy Two-Tone
Cuts Like a Knife- Bryan Adams
Rockin in the Free World- Neil Young
Talkin in your sleep- Romantics
Beer Drinker and Hell Raisers- ZZTop
Breakin the Law- Judas Priest
Saving Grace- Tom Petty
Cocaine- Eric Clapton
Girl Like You- The Smithereens
Breakup Song- Greg Kihn
Born To Be Wild- (I know)
Roadhouse Blues- The Doors
Gimme Shelter- Rolling Stones
Jailbreak- Thin Lizzy
Ohio- Neil Young
Beautiful Wreck- Shawn Mullins
Perfectly Good Guitar- John Hiatt
Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh
Mary Jane- Tom Petty
Lay Down Sally- Eric Clapton
Hey Bulldog- The Beatles
Play that Funky Music- Wild Cherry
Brick House- Commodores
Little Sister- Rockpile, et al
Million Miles Away- Goo Goo Dolls (Originally by the Plimsouls)
Lawyers, Guns and Money- Warren Zevon
Dirty Love- Frank Zappa

19th August 2007, 17:32
What no AC/DC?

19th August 2007, 18:16
Pretty good mix. Maybe add a few more really old ones? "Twist and Shout"? "Shake"?

19th August 2007, 18:32
What no AC/DC?

I'm not a young buck anymore.....not much AC/DC is in my range...:shhhh

19th August 2007, 18:44
I'm not a young buck anymore.....not much AC/DC is in my range...:shhhh

and you think malcom is a young buck ?????????????? :doh

sorry, flatty :smoke

19th August 2007, 19:14
How bout some CCR?

19th August 2007, 20:22
Black Denim Trousers by The Cheers.

19th August 2007, 21:06
How about One Way Out - The Allman Bros version? We saw a band last night and they did it - the crowd really liked it. Also maybe Southbound.

20th August 2007, 23:08
I'm not a young buck anymore.....not much AC/DC is in my range...:shhhh

I'm the vocalist in my band. We do

Dirty Deeds
Touch Too Much
Shot Down in Flames
Long Way to the Top

Those aren't so bad. It's the Led Zeppelin and 'Victim of Changes' by Judas Priest that tend to get a little...challenging.

25th August 2007, 06:58
I'm also the singer/guitar player in a 4 piece band, although our bass player recently went AWOL and the other guitar player is playing bass to get us by 'til we find a new guy. Here's our current list, what I can remember of it right now but, it's always changing as we pick up different songs when we get together to practice.:cheers :chtwo :drinkbeer :drinkup:rockband

Outta the Blue-Neil Young
Shakin' All Over-The Who
The Seeker-The Who
Young Man Blues-The Who
I'm a Ram-Big Sugar
Ride Like Hell-Big Sugar
Black Knight-Deep Purple
Let Me Go-The Stones
Gimme Shelter-The Stones
I Put a Spell on You-CCR
Green River-CCR
Baby's Liquored Up-The Beat Farmers
She Loves My Automobile-ZZ Top
Just Got Paid-ZZ Top
LaGrange-ZZ Top
Gimme Back My Bullets-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gimme 3 Steps-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Crossroads-Lynyrd Skynyrd
All Along the Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix
Voodoo Chile-SRV
Your Old Lady-David Lindley
Green Manalishi-Fleetwood Mac/Judas Priest
Chip Away at the Stone-Aerosmith
Paint it Black-The Stones
Beating Around the Bush-AC/DC
Ain't No Sunshine-Al Green
I Don't Care Anymore-Phil Collins
Before You Accuse Me-Eric Clapton
Street Fighting Man-The Stones
Rusty Cage-Johnny Cash
Stray Cat Blues-The Stones
Working Man Blues-Merle Haggard
House is Rockin-SRV
Ain't No Fun(Waitin' Around To Be a Millionaire)-AC/DC
Let it Ride-BTO
Night Time-George Thorogood
Bottom of the Sea-George Thorogood
Galaxy 500-Reverend Horton Heat
Sympathy for the Devil-The Stones
Little Sister-Dwight Yokam
Whippin' Post-Allman Brothers
Simple Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Victim of Love-The Eagles
You Don't Love Me-Allman Brothers

I hope there's something you can use here. Not alot of Top40, radio friendly crap in here as there are enough bands doing that already and that has never been my thing anyhow. If there was one song that I would like to hear a band do, and do it well, it would be "I Know a Little" By Lynyrd Skynyrd. I'm a huge Skynyrd fan and that's a fav. Good luck and have fun!:band

P.S. "Why do I keep !!!!!in' up?":D

8th June 2008, 06:41
"Hey Joe" is a great song...