View Full Version : Rubbermount_EFI riding in summer in Argentina

8th January 2010, 20:54
So well, here is summer! :clap so I have been riding a lot, and I have some videos

I have a lot more of raw footage to process, I plan to make a mini movie
Also we are planning to join the road of the Dakar, and see the drivers when they go near us, like we did in 2009

Well, here goes a video, route 86, last week, my friend is riding a shadow 1100 1988, Im riding a 1200 C


el jinete fantasma
8th January 2010, 21:14
I love ride videos!

8th January 2010, 21:23
nice viajecito!
:) thanks for taking us along.

8th January 2010, 22:00
Nice video......thanks for sharing it. Looking forward to more ! :)

8th January 2010, 22:04
Cool video. The Sport sounds good, and the Honda is quiet.

Bob F
10th January 2010, 23:40
Good video.

0°F last night and 10" of snow on the ground here.

10th January 2010, 23:52
thanks for the video I wanna ride but it's cold and crappy out

19th January 2010, 09:57
great, enjoy in summer...