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el jinete fantasma
9th July 2007, 20:29
Mine is a simple request... please make the Nightster video available for iPod download. I'd love to be able to watching some bike porn while stuck in my cubicle.:laugh

9th July 2007, 22:00
Here's a hint....There are plenty free programs out there that will convert mpg videos into videos usable on the IPOD, I think the IPOD uses MP4. As we speak I am ripping DVD's and converting them for use on my PSP. (Playstation portable for you older folks :) )

Start at download.com and search for MP4 converters. Better yet use google to find the good stuff.

el jinete fantasma
9th July 2007, 22:27
Dang whippersnapper... ;)

Thanks for the tip!

9th July 2007, 23:43
any luck?.......

el jinete fantasma
10th July 2007, 16:43
I didn't have time to see if the Nightster vid was even up there still. How do you download it if it's stream?
I did find that "Creed" video available in an iPod-compatible download on the HD site. They really have their marketing nailed, don't they?