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16th May 2005, 23:38
I'm a new forum member and I wanted to get a quick bit of technical help. I have a 68' XLH sportster which used to belong to my mom. She used to ride with my dad who also rode an older sportster and handled the repairs and maintenence on the bikes. At some point in time he changed the voltage regulator from the old mechanical style to an electronic regulator. In doing so he also installed a relay which I have no idea what the purpose was... I forgot to mention I have completely disassembled and reassembled the bike including rewiring. Sadly I forgot the fact that this relay was a customization of his and I didn't bother to note how it was wired into the system. It's fairly large and I believe it may have supplied power to the starter solenoid but that is only my guess.
I'm curious if this was a common setup and if anyone could help identify the wiring(?)


17th May 2005, 00:16
Please describe the relay. Is it one of the black round ones that you see on an old ford?

17th May 2005, 00:26
It's a Delco Remy relay, about (2") X (3/4") X (1.5")deep. - More of a rectangle with rounded corners. It has 3 tabs

17th May 2005, 02:13
Can't help with the relay, but Welcome to the forum. Another ironhead guy!

72 Ironhead XLH
17th May 2005, 02:35
sounds like the relay that goes to the gen.it was used if no battery was connected to control the output of the gen.