View Full Version : What is different b/t 2000-03 wheels and 04-06

15th July 2007, 13:31
Does anyone know what the difference is between wheels for 2000-03 and 04-06? There are some 03 cast (black) ones on ebay I would like to get for my 06 XLR.

I thought all from 2000 and up where the new sealed bearings. What else would make them year specific?


Hot Rod Sporty
15th July 2007, 13:33
Don't the '04 and up have 1" axles vs 7/8" axles for the '03 and earlier?

15th July 2007, 18:08
2005 is when they changed to the 1" axle... so '00 to '04 should interchange...

15th July 2007, 18:08
OK. That makes sense because otherwise they look the same to me. Thanks.