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9th December 2004, 18:52
Well, I have it narrowed down to 2 sets of exhaust. Samson 2 1/4 "Shorties" w/heat shields for $357.13, or Thunderheader w/heat shields for $475.55. Both prices include delivery cost. I love the look of the Shorty pipes, but I know they wont be the best performing pipes out there. I like the look of the Theader (but not as much as the Samson's) but you cant beat'em performance wise. Let me know what you think.
http://img15.exs.cx/img15/803/exhaust2ss.th.jpg (http://img15.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img15&image=exhaust2ss.jpg)
http://img100.exs.cx/img100/3145/samson6sk.th.jpg (http://img100.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img100&image=samson6sk.jpg)

9th December 2004, 18:59
Hey Mic,
I know the TH is better for performance, but I think they're ugly (IMHO) . Most I've seen have discolored too...give me the classic looking 2 into 2 on a Sporty anyday.

9th December 2004, 19:10
Very subjective Luckymic, regards to what pipes are better than other pipes! Between the two brands you are looking at, I'll say the, ahhhhh
ahhhhhhh, oh, theeee, ahhhh, ok, Sampson Shorts. However, My pipes are the best pipes. Mine are better than any other riders bike on the XLforum!
I also have the best bike! You must go with what you think is best, but I won't be happy unless you get the Sampson Shorties! You will also have money left over for more chrome.


9th December 2004, 19:20
I should of made a choice on the poll saying "No, get the pipes I have" :D

9th December 2004, 19:28
I like the thunderheader,hope to get a set for mine.
Ben in Texas
xl1200c '03

9th December 2004, 19:52
Buy the ones that you like to look at most. The difference in performance probably isn't as large as you think, unless the shorties are completely unbaffled.

9th December 2004, 20:06
its all about looks , what do you like?

9th December 2004, 20:22
Don't buy them for us! Buy the them for you! Crim is right the difference won't be that much that the Samsons will disappoint you. Which do you like the most? Buy those ones.

9th December 2004, 20:56
I'm not going to buy something one way or another just because someone here says to get'em. I'm looking more for pro's or con's of one or the other that I dont know about. Or expierance with one or the other. I like to make the best informed decision I can before buying something. I do as much research as possible. For exmple take a look at the prices I found, bet they're hard to find cheaper anywhere else brandy new :clap . I'm on the fence here, I like them both equally for different reasons. I'm looking for that last bit of info to get me on one side of the fence.

9th December 2004, 21:00
Sorry your right! It sounded like you wanted us to make up your mind for you. Now I understand want your looking for. I know the Samsons are a good quality pipe the others I don't know.

10th December 2004, 00:52
Look at it this way, whatever you put on are going to get dirty, stone dented, scratched, discolored, bent, etc. If they don't, then you ain't riding. What you need to do is find riders that have them installed on a bike like yours. Listen to them, how do they sound. Look at them, how have they stood up over time. Ask about performance, were there gains or losses. Cost does not always define the best product. Then make your choice......:geek

10th December 2004, 01:10
Luckymic... So you like to make the most informed decision through diligent research, hmmm. Well your research should have told you that the T-Header will perform best (and it won't be close despite what the drag pipe fans would like you to believe) and the Sampsons will look nice (subjectively speaking). Keep price out of it or you'll have a third catagory to consider. So it's simple.. performance or looks ???? Maybe you should see the two types on the road first to sure.
The T-Header will be the one in front.

10th December 2004, 01:49

Where did you find the Samson's at??

10th December 2004, 01:54
Get the Sampsons, way cooler look IMHO. I'm not partial to the 2-1 look, but many have already said it, get the ones you like better the difference in performance won't be huge.

10th December 2004, 02:44
If you are totally about performance and nothing else, get the Thunderheader.

I guess I'm too much of a traditionalist, but I just can't picture a Sporty being "right" without twin pipes....

Nothing against the Thunderheader, but I'm just not a "two-into-one guy" (we are talking about exhaust pipes, right??? :D )

10th December 2004, 02:56
I kinda like the way the header's rear tube wraps around the timing cover. If it could just stay two into two.....

10th December 2004, 03:29
one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the ground clearance with the T-Header...I think it goes a little low and gets rid of some cornering clearance if you like the twisties as much as I do :D so for some people (like me) the performance boost isn't actually as pronounced due to riding style...but I'm not totally sure about this as I don't run with one...I'm sure that someone else can chime in on this point...but other than that I would agree with a lot of the others that think the samsons look "better" and the thunder header performs better so...

10th December 2004, 05:05
Well I did it. I went ahead and bought the Samsons. I decided that I just didnt like the look of the Thunderheader enough. My bike has plenty of snort already, and man those Shorties just look sweet. I might not be able to get the full potential out of the motor, but I'm happy with the performance right now. Thanks for all the input guys.

Where did you find the Samson's at??

I found'em on Discountcycleparts.com
You have to use the part number from Custom Chrome 650525
if you use any of the others they're a little more money.
I've bought a ton of stuff from them and I have no complaints. You just have to look up each distrubitors part numbers to find the best deal.

29th January 2005, 14:55
Crim says the difference is not much. on the dyno that might be true but I had se's, python 2's, supertrapp 2 to 1, baffles drilled stock, and the thunderheader. I can only pull a wheelie by whacking the throttle with the thunderheader. That must mean the power dif. must be more significant than stated. I know that when it came down to the feel of brute force the theader one hands down with my bike setup.

2nd December 2007, 16:12
I absolutely love my TH. I bought, installed, tested, and removed a set of Wet Dreamz pipes and put my TH back on. Drag pipes suck. Yea they look cool, but they give up a lot of power. I'll be honest with you, I like the look of the Samsons better and yea my TH scrapes the ground when I really get tight down in a corner, but the only way I'd take it off now is if I get it modified to be a high pipe. I know you already bought the pipes you like and that's great. Exactly what you should have done, but if you ever decide to buy again spend the money for the TH. Oh, and tell them to keep the heat shields, you won't need them anyway. JMO

9th December 2007, 03:19
I like the looks of the shorty pipes too. Someone told me ( an old biker along the way somewhere I think ) that the shorties will cause a bike to vibrate more. Looks like you have a rigid mount ( according to year ) so that might be true for you. I've always had the Bassani Pro Street ( shorties ) so no way to compare and see if that statement was true...........

EDIT: I see on post # 18 you already picked up the Samson's.....:doh.......Oh well.............better late than never !!!!!!

EDIT: After I read post #23 I looked back at post # 18 again. Oh yea.....now I see......post # 18 was three years ago.....LMAO !!!!! oops :doh:doh

9th December 2007, 03:38
I would say choose no pipes, Run the exhaust ports OPEN BABY!

Hot Rod Sporty
9th December 2007, 13:43
I would hope he already bought his pipes......This thread only started 3 years ago.....:doh

9th December 2007, 14:01
Is this what winters are like around here, resurrecting long done posts, endless debates and the beating of dead horses.

Sounds like fun.......

9th December 2007, 14:28
Is this what winters are like around here, resurrecting long done posts, endless debates and the beating of dead horses.

Sounds like fun.......
Yes, and it's only a matter of time before the 'should I wear a helmet' and 'synthetic is better than dino' debates start. At least this year we have the new 'Is the Nightster a Sportster' topic to keep it fresh :laugh.

Bob F
9th December 2007, 14:42
I love the look of the Shorty pipes, but I know they wont be the best performing pipes out there.

Form follows function, go for the HP. 2 into 1 is the best for HP, you already did the conversion to 1250 so make all the HP you can. My 2¢.

NRHS Sales
10th December 2007, 19:23
I just want to know where you can get a new thunder header with heat shields for under $500??

10th December 2007, 20:50
I just want to know where you can get a new thunder header with heat shields for under $500??

Just get into your time machine and go back to 2004. :laugh

23rd December 2007, 20:45
Kinda tough to answer this one. All depends on what's most important to you. Looks or performance? I'd go with performance in the long run. You may get tired of looking at it, but the feel of more HP down there, that's not going to get old.

26th December 2007, 19:34
this is just my opinion but and I dont care what kind of performance I get from them I wouldnt put those thunderheaders anywhere near my sporty. there ugly as DS