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11th February 2010, 18:18

After a long wait, she値l be all mine on Saturday.

Ordered 5th Dec 2010 from Norwich Harley Davidson (UK) took over a cancelled order, with a promise for delivery by 27th Feb 2010 Spent the last week of Jan and the first week of Feb harassing my dealer to get a straight answer about where my bike was. Received lots of vague answers (e.g. 妬t痴 probably in Belgium by now... or 的 should imagine it値l be here soon). Eventually got a straight answer after NUMEROUS calls that all UK-bound bikes have been delayed until April/May. I wasn稚 happy that despite all my calls, I was never informed of this. I almost cancelled my order and went to BMW to get a bike from them (I致e wanted to own bikes from HD and BMW for a while). Luckily the dealer sourced me a bike that very day, and I知 picking it up on Sat morning.

So thanks very much to you all for the kind suggestions/advice/hundreds of posts that I致e trawled through. This forum has been of great help to me.

UK-Spec 2010 Harley Iron
V&H HS Slip-ons with Quiet Baffles
Screaming Eagle Stage 1 Air Cleaner
Badlander Seat and rear pegs
Flipped Mirrors

Pics and vids as soon as I can!

11th February 2010, 18:24

11th February 2010, 18:28
Very cool ....great choice............:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap

11th February 2010, 18:51
Welcome to the family.

11th February 2010, 19:01
It pays to be persistent. Congratulations.

11th February 2010, 19:05
Is this your first HD?

11th February 2010, 21:51
Yep, this is my first HD. I've been through a crappy peugeot scooter, a yamaha fz6, and a suzuki vanvan (which was my favourite).

Just want to give a big thumbs up to Harley Davidson of Norwich. They sorted me out really well, both when I ordered the bike, and when they learnt that UK-bound bikes were being delayed. The problems associated with getting the bike to me on time weren't actually theirs directly, but Harley Davidson itself, and they stepped up and helped me out regardless. Result? I'm getting it two weeks early.

Highly recommended dealership

14th February 2010, 14:18
Man, what a bike!!

Pictures et cetera this evening

Can't get off! sweet ride

14th February 2010, 14:42
Man, what a bike!!

Pictures et cetera this evening

Can't get off! sweet ride

Congrats man, we can feel your enthousiasm:banana

Clifton Custom
14th February 2010, 15:06
Congratulations! Good luck with the bike!

14th February 2010, 15:23
Congrats and get up some pics!!!:banana:banana:banana

14th February 2010, 16:22
congrats on getting your new bike. Sounds like you have to go through a lot to get one. Makes me feel like i take for granted sometimes how easy some of us have it. Enjoy every mile:smoke

black death
14th February 2010, 16:30
awesome :) there's nothing like the aura of excitement from a new owner....can't wait to see some pics and to hear your thoughts.

14th February 2010, 19:22
Apologies for the shortage of photos. I wanted to take more, but was too busy riding. I've only got two photos so far.

Here's one from the shop:


And here's one of me next to it! Notice the newly-flipped mirrors :)


14th February 2010, 19:29
Nice, could you take a shot of the rear license plate?
In the states here, we get it with a side mount, I have always wanted to see the European one.

15th February 2010, 17:17
Nice, could you take a shot of the rear license plate?
In the states here, we get it with a side mount, I have always wanted to see the European one.

Here you go!


15th February 2010, 17:21
Awesome! Have fun & be safe!

15th February 2010, 17:25
More photos and a video:





15th February 2010, 17:44
Nice scoot!!!:geek:geek:geek

15th February 2010, 17:45
Enjoy her. Ride safe.